July 29, 2021

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Information leaked that Trump went into the bunkers: – They will be hanged

It was during a meeting in 2020 that Trump reportedly turned red when he heard someone close to him leaking security information about him and his family.

– Those behind this must be proven guilty of treason and hanged, Trump is said to have told the legislature.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is said to have tried to reassure Trump that he would enslave the then president in this matter CNN.

The Trump family was expelled

Leaked information about the incident in June 2020 when Donald Trump, his wife Melania and their son Baron vacated the White House and took refuge in bunkers owned by the building. Protests and unrest in the city following the assassination of George Floyd are said to have been the cause.

A few days after the incident, Trump reportedly called for a meeting with his advisers, security chiefs and police in the western section of the White House.

“It boiled over for Trump as soon as he learned that the incident had been made public.”

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According to CNN, the security situation at the White House was adjusted to red and the Trump family was expelled. Photo: Yara Nordy / Reuters / NDP

“Reported red”

When the incident happened, Trump and his family were taken by secret service to an underground bunker, where they stayed for more than an hour before being taken out again. Sources close to the White House said: “The security situation at the White House has been declared red and the president has been taken into custody.”

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Trump reportedly tried to calm the situation in a radio interview a few days after the incident, and said the trip to the bunkers was in connection with an investigation.