January 17, 2022

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India has been hit by a hurricane – warning that there will be more waves than roofs

The Indian Meteorological Department has warned that the cyclone will create more waves than roofs in some areas.

The hurricane has already claimed two lives and destroyed homes in Odisha and West Bengal due to strong winds and rains.

The Indian Meteorological Department describes the hurricane as very severe. It has wind speeds of 36 to 39 meters per second and gases of up to 43 meters per second, the company said early Wednesday.

Meteorologists have forecast more than 17 cm of rain in Chandapali and Paradip areas of Odisha since Tuesday and waves of up to 4 meters are likely to flood some low-lying areas.

Air and rail traffic was suspended

A hurricane tore down several trees and destroyed power connections on Tuesday. The force claimed the lives of two people and damaged 40 houses in West Bengal. The storm is expected to affect at least 20 districts in the state.

The airport in Kolkata has been closed till Wednesday evening and train services have been suspended.

Last week, more than 140 people were killed when Hurricane Takte hit land on the west coast.

Many challenges at once

The country is prone to corona epidemics while severe weather strikes.

– Odisha Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik says we have to face both challenges at the same time, encouraging people to be shifted to evacuation centers to maintain social distance by wearing double bandages. At the same time, he asks people not to panic.

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One year ago, the strongest hurricane in ten years hit the eastern part of India. Nearly 100 people died in the destruction of Amban villages and agricultural areas.

– We were unable to repair the damage to our home from the previous hurricane. Now comes a new hurricane. How can we be here? Asks Samitri who uses only one name.

Hurricanes are frequent in the northern Indian Ocean, and climate change is warming the ocean and destroying coastal communities, researchers say.