October 23, 2021

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I think India is approaching the peak of the epidemic – VG

Official figures claim that 20 million Indians are now infected with the corona virus. Experts believe the actual number could be ten times higher in the country affected by the crisis.


For the 12th day in a row, more than 300,000 new corona cases have been reported in India. The figures for the last 24 hours Monday stood at 368,147. This means that when new figures come in tomorrow, the country will have crossed 20 million cases.

But they are officially registered. The talk that dark numbers can be significant has been around for a long time. Reuters now reports that medical experts estimate that the actual numbers are five to ten times higher than the official number.

As such, it means that 200 million Indians have or possessed an insane virus.

In total, the country has a population of 1.35 billion.

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If the number of registered cases of infection is low, it is guaranteed to apply to deaths as well. About 3,400 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours. The total number is now nearly 220,000 dead.

The country is currently severely affected by the corona virus.

Views of Hope

However, a blurred optimism was reported on Monday as the number of cases related to how many trials were carried out for the first time since April 15 has dropped.

A study group advising Indian officials has decided that India will reach its corona wave peak from today to Wednesday, using a mathematical model. This is slightly earlier than first thought, and the virus spreads faster than expected.

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Comment: Fear and distrust in India

Cremation: Several crematoriums caught fire outside the city of Bangalore on Sunday night. Photo: Samuel Rajkumar / Reuters

Despite the high numbers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reluctant to close the country because his government fears economic consequences. Many local authorities, however, have introduced some restrictions.

– In my opinion, people staying home is only a report of a national order and a medical crisis that can help, says Bramar Mukherjee, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan.

Accelerate vaccine approval

Another problem in India is the lack of adequate vaccines. Vaccine manufacturer Pfizer is now discussing with the Indian authorities the possibility of getting their vaccine approved soon.

“Unfortunately, our application was sent several months ago but our vaccine has not been registered in India,” said Albert Piria, CEO of Pfizer.

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Exhausted health workers in India for VG: – The situation is horrible

At the same time, Pfizer claims to be donating more than $ 70 million worth of drugs to the country.

One of the biggest issues in India right now Dangerous lack of oxygen. On Saturday, 12 corona patients died in New Delhi because the hospital where they were admitted had run out of oxygen.

According to the Times of India, at least 22 patients died of oxygen deficiency at three other hospitals in the country over the weekend.

It said it was a court They will punish government officials If they are unable to deliver the oxygen tanks promised to hospitals. Now 13 opposition parties are joining forces and calling on the government to start free vaccination, as well as ensure that all hospitals have adequate oxygen.

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The situation in hospitals is so serious that there is no room for critically ill patients, and many choose to keep sick relatives at home because they believe it offers the best chance of survival.