January 17, 2022

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I saw my girlfriend’s body

The body of British Esther Dingley was reported missing almost seven months later.

Esther Dingley, 37, went missing while walking alone in the Pyrenees near the French-Spanish border.

This case was first mentioned Defender.

He admitted that his girlfriend Dingley was missing because he did not return home from the trip as admitted.

Police have already found bone remains at the scene of his disappearance. It was confirmed that the bone remains belonged to the girl.

The search for the British woman continued, and now Dingley’s body and equipment have been found.

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Her boyfriend found her

Dingley’s girlfriend found her two weeks ago near where other body parts were found.

– Esther and I had a revelation. BBC In connection with the discovery of bone.

Experience: Her boyfriend saw her in the Pyrenees.  Photo: Shutterstock / NTP
Experience: Her boyfriend saw her in the Pyrenees. Photo: Shutterstock / NTP
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The Guardian reports that police believe the death was caused by an accident by French lawyer Christophe Amunzadeki, who led the investigation.

– We are based on where her body was found, says Amunzadeki.

The first search was canceled due to bad weather. Subsequent searches could not find her.

The family is grateful

LBT Global says the woman’s boyfriend has been working to find her since she was last seen on November 22.

The body was found high in the mountains, which reinforces the theory that his death was caused by an accident.

– The family is grateful for the efforts of those involved, says LBT Global in a statement, According to The Independent.

Dingley’s parents released a statement regarding the bone discovery. They said it feels indescribable.

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Parents say we have known for months that the chance to hug our beloved Esther, feel her warm hands, look at her beautiful smile and enjoy the way she illuminates a room again is small, Sky News.