October 23, 2021

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– I miss you – VG

Guyana Floyd (7) released a touch video before convicting her father’s killer, former police officer Derek Zhou.


The case is being updated!

– I always miss him, says the seven-year-old in a video he played on the court in Minneapolis.

African-American George Floyd is suspected of using a counterfeit dollar bill, but died after kneeling against his neck and neck for more than nine minutes when former police officer Derek Suev was arrested in Minneapolis in May last year.

In April of this year The former police officer was found guilty of all charges, The most serious of which is premeditated murder. Friday night, according to Norwegian time, he will receive a sentence, which means how many years he will be sentenced to imprisonment.

The prosecution sought 30 years in prison, with the sentences for the three offenses being 45, 25 and 10 years, respectively.

When asked what George Floyd’s daughter would say if she could tell her father one thing, he replied:

– I will miss you, I love you.

Son-in-law Brandon Williams also testified in court before the sentence was commuted.

“Sue killed George, not only did he kill George, he showed no full concern for human life,” Williams said.

– You saw it, I saw it. This heinous act was witnessed by millions of people across the country and the world.

The son-in-law demanded that Suu Kyi be given a more severe sentence. In theory, that is, 40 years in prison, but in practice 30 years, according to Minnesota’s rules for a person without a criminal record The New York Times.

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Contact: George Floyd was convicted of the murder of former police officer Derek Chou. On Friday, he will be told how many years he will have to spend in prison. Photo: POOL / X80003

In court documents, Suu Kyi’s action is described as “malicious” and the police officer’s position as “terrible abuse”.

The mother of former police officer Carolyn Powlandy, the son, insisted in court Friday that he was a “good man.”

– When you judge him, you judge me, says Pavlendi when his voice trembles.

– I can’t see Derek, talk to him on the phone or hug him properly.

Judge Peter Cahill ruled in the case that Floyd had not removed Suu Kyi’s knee, although she had repeatedly stated that she was not allowed to breathe.

A total of four police officers were involved in the arrest, and four more have been fired and charged. The case against the other three will take place later.

Attorney at trial: “It was like he was breathing through a straw”

When Suu Kyi was convicted in April, the decision was celebrated by many Americans fighting racism and police violence.

– Floyd’s brother Terence says in the courtroom on Friday that if it’s us, there will be no case if the characters are turned upside down.

Terence, who asked for the maximum sentence, said there was no doubt about the punishment if a black man who killed a white man had no other choice.

– We were jailed for killing someone. So we are asking for the same punishment for Derek Suu Kyi, he says.

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Floyd was not the first or last black American to be killed as a result of the use of brutal police force after being detained on suspicion of petty crimes.

One year after the murder, VG’s Floyd family: “We are still struggling”

But when Floyd’s death struggle was filmed by 17-year-old Dornella Frasier and the video clip was shared on social media, the incident led to mass protests not only in US cities but in other parts of the world.

Frasier later won a Pulitzer Prize for video.

– It changed me. It changed the way I see life. This made me realize how dangerous it is to be black in America, Frozier wrote on Facebook on the anniversary of Floyd’s death.

As a result of the mass protests, the Black Lives Matter movement became known around the world, and Floyd’s words “I can not breathe” became a slogan against racism and police violence.