December 4, 2021

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– I don’t want to take all the credit – Viji

Muscat: Brian Hughes is a state senator at the local level in Texas and represents a constituency east of Dallas. Here he shows one of the three working musketeers hanging on the wall.

Texas State Capitol (VG) Brian Hughes has written a law banning abortion six weeks later. If pregnancy occurs due to rape, the situation should not be aggravated by dissolving the unborn life, he believes.


Johannes Worsi Berg (photo)


When State Senator Brian Hughes arrived for an interview with Viji on Wednesday this week, he was wearing a pair of cowboy boots with the “The State of Texas” logo.

He flies the airboats out of his ear and welcomes them to his office on the third floor of the Texas convention building in the center of the state capital, Austin.

Upon entering the office, Republicans show off hand-made muscat guns.

Hughes was at the forefront of the Texas Senate to introduce Controversial abortion law.

President Biden’s judicial news came tonight Sues the government Because they believe the latest law violates the US Constitution.

In an SMS to Viji, Brian Hughes’ adviser writes that they are currently reading the case and will comment later.

Boots: Brian Hughes came to his office with a pair of leather boots with the “Texas State” logo on them. The boots came from the Luce brand.

Does not take all the credit

Back to the Texas Senator’s office.

– I am the author of the law and the promoter of it, my name is on it, but many others were involved. Brian Hughes says our team has many talented lawyers here, and he lists various contributors.

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Republicans representing a district east of Dallas said, “I don’t want to take all the credit.

The law, which went into effect on September 1, prohibits abortion after a doctor detects a heartbeat in the fetus. This usually happens in the sixth week.

Officially, the law is called “Senate Bill 8,” but Hughes calls it the “Heartbeat Act.” It is the strictest abortion law in the entire United States.

Background: This means the new abortion law in Texas

Destruction: On May 29, a crowd of anti-abortion activists outside the Texas State Capitol in Austin backed a law now being passed. It prohibits abortion after the heartbeat is detected.

– Promotion

– 15 states have tried to get heartbeat laws, but they are always blocked by the justice system. We wrote this law thinking we should introduce it, says Hughes.

In the past, federal courts have always downplayed “heartbeat laws” because they believe they violate the constitutional rights to abortion, which came against the historic row. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973.

But this time, the US Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority after President Trump, chose not to block the law.

“It’s encouraging,” the Texas senator said.

All indications are that 15 abortion clinics in the state, which cover about 30 million toxins and what Hughes calls the “abortion industry,” have chosen to follow the law. Neighboring states are already seeing an increase in the number of visitors who want to have an abortion.

– This is an abortion ban

The design of the new abortion law has received much attention:

It is not to be enforced by the public service, but is provided by an individual citizen who is suing everyone who helps a woman to have an abortion.

This is a ploy to prevent the Supreme Court from being overturned.

Five of the nine judges thought it was unclear whether this would be enforced by ordinary citizens. They will then decide the constitutional content of the law.

– As the law in force today ceases abortion assistance, our opportunity to provide better health care to our patients has been handed over to self-appointed civil defense. Anti-abortion politicians in Texas cannot hide behind words like health and safety, which Jackie Dilworth writes to Viji for a complete ban on abortion, a simple and straightforward, abortion clinic for the entire women’s health.

Abortion Professionals: Women dressed as characters in the TV series “The Handmaid’s Tale” protested against the law, which was introduced on September 1, 29 May this year.

The inspiration, Hughes explains, comes from the law in other areas, where a “whistleblower” with knowledge of fraud will be compensated if he sues on behalf of the state.

– Private, civil enforcement has been in law for some time, but it has not been used to such an extent in a “pro-life” context, Hughes says.

– Were you surprised that it seemed to work?

– So far, the results are better than expected, yes, he responds.

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The role of the Uber driver

If the case is successful, the plaintiff will receive up to 90,000 rupees from each woman’s assistant – practically a payment method.

The woman cannot be prosecuted.

Does this also apply to the Uber driver who took the woman to the doctor?

– It is only true if the Uber driver knows that he drove someone to abort a small child with a heartbeat. If an Uber driver drives someone who robs a bank unknowingly, he has no responsibility, Hughes responds.

Rape: Does not make the situation worse

The new abortion law only allows exceptions after six weeks if the mother’s life and health are in danger. It does not allow for any other exceptions even if the pregnancy is due to rape.

– When we have such a horrible situation, we do not want to make it worse by taking the life of an unborn child. We want to punish the rapist. We do not punish the unborn child. We come to the aid of that woman by referring to Texas’ “alternative to abortion” program.

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Hollywood stars go against Texas abortion law

The program provides counseling, education, car seats, diapers and assistance with social benefits. Undocumented immigrants are ineligible to participate.

Would many say that it cannot compensate for the 24/7 responsibility of raising a child rapist for decades?

– Well, it’s the mother’s responsibility to keep the baby or give the baby up for adoption, Hughes says.

Austin: The Texas State Capitol, the state legislature’s congressional building, is located in Austin.

“My body, my will”

The new abortion law in Texas is practically at its peak after decades of opposition from conservatives, including a number of minor but limited legal changes.

When asked if women are going back to less safe ways to have an abortion, Hughes pointed out that the abortion rate in Texas is declining faster than in other parts of the United States.

Many have highlighted the belief that Texas Republicans are hypocrites after the introduction of the new abortion law.

Critics point out that epidemiologists and Republicans refuse to wear masks with slogans such as “my body, my will.” But when it comes to abortion being a woman’s choice, it’s “your body, my choice.”

The Texas Senator rejects this.

– All of these questions boil over when we think life begins. If we think of the unborn child developing in the womb, that child deserves the full protection of the law, he says.