January 17, 2022

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Hurricane Ida has a wind speed of 230 km / h. – Very dangerous, says the weather forecaster – Viji

Louisiana residents are preparing to evacuate or one of the worst hurricanes Louisiana has seen in 150 years. U.S. weather forecasters call the hurricane “very dangerous.”


Louisiana residents have received several hurricane warnings in recent years, but Hurricane Ida appears to be the worst in many years.

The strength increases as the hurricane approaches the ground. According to Fox 8, meteorologists are warning of “catastrophic damage caused by life-threatening storms, winds and torrential rains.

Ida is expected to hit the ground with full effect on Sunday afternoon or evening, but a severe storm is ahead and has already begun to make its mark in the area, According to CNN.

The force was renewed Sunday morning Type 4 hurricane. By comparison, Katrina had a strength in the 5th Division and 1800 people lost their lives in the region.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in New Orleans, thunderstorms can reach southeastern Louisiana at speeds of 3 to 4 meters per hour at 230 km / h.

Within hours of Sunday morning the wind strength record intensified to high values.

New Orleans Mayor Ladoya Cantrell advised residents planning to leave the city to leave immediately.

Large systems: The picture shows the powerful meteorological systems on the North American continent. Hurricane Nora on the lower left and Hurricane Ida on the right.

Ida is expected to strengthen further and based on the latest satellite imagery, it will appear soon, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Moreover, they said Ida is expected to be “the most dangerous and major hurricane”.

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Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards describes the severity as follows CNN:

Ida was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Louisiana anywhere since the 1850s.

– This is a very powerful storm. I do not want those on the ground to be taken to bed.

More than 4,000 soldiers and other teams have been mobilized from the National Guard in Louisiana, and 5,000 are ready to mobilize when the hurricane hits the ground.

Preparation: A man hits a plywood board in front of a store in New Orleans while Ida waits for a storm.

Hurricane Baden Rouge is expected to hit the city on Monday, followed by less strong winds.

– The hurricane seems to have begun its intensifying phase, hurricane expert Daniel Brown told the newspaper.

– Favorable air conditions and warm water and humid atmosphere enable further reinforcement overnight.

All flights to and from the airport in New Orleans’ million-strong city have been canceled since Sunday morning local time due to the hurricane. The neighboring state of Mississippi has also declared a state of emergency.

General Report of the National Weather Service in New Orleans Tells how serious the situation is.

“This is the last hour to prepare or leave. […] When a storm first strikes, rescue workers retreat and you have to manage yourself on your own, they write on a large scale.

Q: On Saturday, there was a traffic jam outside the security checkpoint at the airport in New Orleans, Louisiana. Residents fled the city after reports that Hurricane Ida was making landfall.

Exxon, an oil company, controls production at the Baton Rouge refinery.

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Preparations for the hurricane are coming at the same time Louisiana is severely affected by corona infection.

Is according to the state NBC Amid the severe eruption, more than 3400 new cases were registered on Friday.

At least 2684 people have been admitted to the hospital.

– We are already in a state of complete disaster and are ready for this storm, says Warner Thomas, general manager of a major healthcare company.

He ordered food, medicine and medical equipment to last for 10 days.

– This is something we are used to living in Louisiana, we are that way now, he says.