January 17, 2022

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Hope to get a drink in two weeks – VG

Still open: Raymond Johansson is preparing to open Oslo, but is urging people to accept responsibility for reducing the pressure of infection at the last bend. Photo: Helge Mickelson / VG

Raymond Johnson hopes to open restaurants, gyms and bars until 10pm in about two weeks – if everything goes in the right direction.


The incidence of infections in Oslo has been declining in recent days, but the number of hospital admissions has been declining.

In this VG interview, City Councilor Raymond Johansson explains what he needs to do to open up most of the capital.

Already in two weeks, on May 20, a lot could happen.

– If all of this goes in the right direction here, if people are good, and infection rates remain the same, we will announce on May 20th that we will move forward, said Raymond Johansson VG.

– Then gyms open, then there are restaurants, and then there is refreshment until 22 hours. And many other types of activities.

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Now the shops in Oslo have opened their doors: – It feels almost heavenly

City Council Leader: Raymond Johansson met with VG for an interview at his office on Friday afternoon. Photo: Helge Mickelson / VG

Raymond’s table

Last week, Oslo City Council reopened, bringing more people home, while kindergarten and elementary schools were set at a yellow level.

– Opening at the yellow level in kindergarten, elementary school and high school is important to us now. There are six or seven weeks in the school year. We still have high schools. We will do that assessment next week.

He says Three factors He will decide whether he can take the next step in reopening Oslo in two weeks.

– One Development of infection rate. Second Number of combinations. That too has diminished. Hospitals in Oslo and Ahus currently have 45 inpatients and more than 150. This has been significantly reduced. The third factor Vaccine.

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– What are the consequences of flatulence?

– Now we have to look at it. This is a plateau and we need to stop it from escalating, he says.

Warning: The number of infections, the amount of vaccines and the number of hospital admissions will determine the speed at which capital reopens, Johansson says. Photo: Helge Mickelson

Outdoor beer before June?

– Do you think people in Oslo will get outdoor beer on June 1st?

– It is allowed to be confident, so to speak, says Johansson

– July 1, yes?

– If it hadn’t happened, a lot would have gone wrong. I hope for June 1st. We want to see growth, but now that it has turned into a sharp increase in infections, it is «another ball game.

– Is it important not to open before May 17th, a day of more movement, fun and pleasure?

– This is always a demanding trade. When we open stores and shopping centers, it is associated with this opening in the surrounding municipalities. This is one of the reasons we split step 2. So, we hope we take the rest now and consider it on May 20th.

Fire and Fire: Raymond Johansson has been mayor of Oslo by epidemic. He asks people to help ensure the city can reopen. Photo: Helge Mickelson

Ask people to take responsibility

Johansson says the development of the disease shows that activities are active, but also a reminder of everyone’s personal responsibility for the future.

– The decline of Oslo has now come to a halt. This is a flat. It tells us what responsibility each one has when we open it up a little bit again. We all have to accept that responsibility, whether we are going to shop at a bookstore, a store or gather friends Raymond Johnson VG.

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Last weekend, many of Oslo’s parks hosted a party.

– What is your message to those who feast like this in your parks?

– It’s good to have people outside. Because it is less contagious on the outside than it is on the inside. Focus and keep your distance. It is not allowed to drink in the park, Johansson says and answers VG’s questions, he does not drink beer in the park.

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Police: Up to 1000 youths gathered in Oslo Park

He says people are more concerned about imported infections as they progress and the vaccine is much slower. Next week, Oslo will receive about 40,000 doses, and next week they will receive 18,000 doses.

– One warning is that in two of our districts, Fijerke and Krunerlekka, the outbreak increased last week. In Gronerlecka, 79 percent of adults are unknown. This is due to the fact that it is a young district, but shows that the vaccination rate is low, where the infection is high.

– What could stop you?

– Yes, it can lead us to stop. So the more vaccinated, the faster we can open. We want more vaccinations for districts with high infection pressure.

Picks up the jacket: Johansson leaves to see life at the Acre Brigade on Friday afternoon. Photo: Helge Mickelson

Too strict?

– Are you afraid that when the number of people admitted to the hospital decreases and fewer people die, people will definitely experience it?

– Now I think the quiet majority is very concerned that you should not lose your head and open too fast. It is clear that many in the restaurant industry, young people and the rest of us want to be open to us. But our whole ambition is that when we open, it will be so much better.

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– The restaurant industry buys food, alcohol, and calls people back from vacations and layoffs. You run the risk that you will close again, which is very demanding news, he says.

Need more vaccines

Over the weekend of Monday, May 11, the National Institutes of Health (NIPH) plans to release a new estimate of how vaccines should be distributed in the next phase, with most risk groups being vaccinated.

– I hope they will follow the Holden Committee and give more vaccinations in areas where the infection is high. This is not just in Oslo. I think this is good for the whole country, he says.

He says other parts of the country are at risk if the capital and surrounding municipalities cannot be opened because the infection is high.

He refers to research, Including from Israel, Both vaccines have been shown to be effective so that you do not spread the disease without being infected.

– This means that the more vaccinated individuals are in areas with high infection pressure, the more open we can be. This is very good for other parts of the country.

AKER BRYGGE: Oslo has opened stores and a shopping center. In two weeks, restaurants, pubs and gyms could open if Johansson gets what he wants. Photo: Helge Mickelson / VG

Health Councilor Robert Stein said it would have helped a lot if all the vaccines that came to Oslo had only been available for a week.

– If people in the risk groups had been vaccinated, how easy would it have been to open it?

– Easy. The vaccination strategy is part of a reopening strategy.

The Oslo municipality wrote in a letter to the FHI that it would like to prioritize teachers, kindergarten staff, taxi drivers, child welfare workers, BPA assistants and everyone involved – at the next stage – when vaccinating at risk groups. With completely affected patients.

Viewing the city: Raymond Johansson can follow the reopening of the city from his office in Oslo City Hall. Photo: Helge Mickelson

Oslo opens

On Friday afternoon, he heads towards a city where he will be standing, while the sun shines towards Oslo City Hall on the Agar Brigade.

– Even for people like you, should it be nice to allow Oslo people to live their lives without worrying about how many people there are?

– Yes, damn it. It would be nice.

– When you are no longer allowed to say this to people, isn’t it a little boring?

– No, hey. I have a lot of other things. One year, we have been doing this since February 28, 2020.

– What is your message to people on May 17th?

– go out. A pop band may seem to be playing in the street, but keep your distance and follow infection control rules. But feel free to go out with your loved ones and enjoy the day. It could be a good day.