January 17, 2022

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Hit the ground with full force – Viji

Hurricane “Ida” makes landfall in Louisiana. In the 1700s it could have been very dangerous, says the governor.

More than 10,000 people have been evacuated so far. More than 122,000 buildings are without electricity.

For several hours they felt the hurricane well on the beach.

Hurricane “Ida” hit Louisiana.


Hurricane Ida, a fourth type of hurricane, has now made landfall in the southern US state of Louisiana. This is reported by many American media.

The hurricane hit Port Fortone about two hours south of New Orleans in the United States, at 19:00 Norwegian time.

Earlier, the US National Hurricane Center warned that the hurricane could accelerate from Type 2 to the most dangerous Type 4 hurricane.

After passing through western parts of Cuba, the hurricane entered the Gulf of Mexico and headed for New Orleans. Hurricane and hurricane warnings have been issued from Louisiana to the Florida border.

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On the main roads north of the coast there is heavy traffic, including large trucks towing fishing boats and cars with caravans and leisure boats.

There are long queues at petrol stations and car rental offices, and the oil bases on the beach have been evacuated.

Winds blowing at 240 km / h: “Very dangerous,” the weather forecaster says

The wind speed is 200 km / h

When Viji speaks to a meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Center at 5.15pm Norwegian time on Sunday, he can tell that it will not be long before it strikes Louisiana.

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– It will hit the Louisiana coast in the next few hours. This is the fourth type of hurricane on the Sapphire-Simpson scale, says Martin Granerrod.

The Sapphire-Simpson criterion is used to classify tropical cyclones and hurricanes. Size goes from one to five, five is strong.

– Type IV has a wind speed of 210-245 kilometers per hour, explains Gronerod.

Sea level will rise to three to four meters

– How serious is it?

– Now U.S. meteorologists say it’s very dangerous. It remains to be seen. But this is a large, very large area, which will be affected by Norwegian time in the afternoon / evening, says Granerod.

– They seem to have a high storm surge. In some places sea level is expected to rise by three to four meters, a lot of rain is expected, a hurricane warning has been issued and they have warned of very strong winds. Air and water are the ones that often make the situation more dangerous.

Unusually strong

“Katrina” “Ida” In 2005 “Katrina” did not seem to take the same place.

– It may seem like the hurricane hit a little further west of New Orleans than Katrina did, so it will go better for that particular city. But a large area will be affected. Coastal and inland areas of Louisiana will experience high winds and strong winds. Many there have already been evacuated due to the power outage, Gronerod says.

According to the meteorologist, the “Ida” area is now used for storms, but this is not the strength.

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– We’m in hurricane season right now, which lasts from June to hurricanes, so they’m the hurricanes that are used here. But according to American meteorologists this is one of the most powerful they have had in many years, Gronerod explains.

16 years after Katrina

“Ida” is set to hit New Orleans on Sunday, 16 years after the city was hit by Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,800 people.

Hurricane Katrina Typhoon 3, but because it was so high, it caused a storm surge of more than eight meters in some places, breaking craters around New Orleans and submerging 80 percent of the city.

– Governor John Bell Edwards says we are not the same city we were 16 years ago and points out that the groove system has been significantly improved.

Exodus: Christina Borg knocks on the door of a house in Morgan, Louisiana. Here with son Jean-Luc (8) and daughter Olivia (10).

No time to exit

“Ida” has arrived very suddenly, and New Orleans Mayor Latoya Condell says there is no time for a full eviction.

He asked those who were likely to leave, others to strengthen themselves at home and be prepared for a long-term power outage because it would be a strong wind for about ten hours.

Ida is expected to enter New Orleans straight, then head towards Baden Rouge inland on a densely industrialized axis.

Action is an important hub for the American petrochemical industry, which includes oil refineries, natural gas terminals, and chemical plants. There are also two nuclear power plants in the area.

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