January 17, 2022

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Here the Taliban shows American war equipment – Viji

Several U.S. military vehicles and at least one military helicopter were on display by the Taliban.


Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city, and the location of an extremist Islamist group Taliban Woke up, the team held a victory march on Wednesday.

The U.S. and NATO are coming in, after the last U.S. planes left Afghanistan on Monday 20 years of war In the country it is over. Norway has had a military presence in the country since the beginning of 2001/02.

The Taliban regained control of the country just two weeks after it was overthrown by international forces in 2001, following al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

During a victory parade on Wednesday, Taliban soldiers displayed American war equipment, including a large number of off-road vehicles and a helicopter hanging behind the Taliban flag. At least one Black Hawk helicopter has been spotted in the city in recent days, he writes BBC.

The equipment was seized after Afghan security and security forces surrendered behind the city during a Taliban attack.

See more photos of the parade in the gallery:

Further Norwegian equipment remains Armed forces in Afghanistan left the country on Monday. At the airport in Kabul, armored cars, ATVs and containers of the Armed Forces stood still.

Captured the Taliban on Monday night Control of the airport.

At a cricket ground in Kandahar, Taliban leaders with white beards sat in the shade of armchairs between wooden tables and waited until the march began. Hundreds of others gathered on the ground, NDP writes.

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There were rumors Taliban area Haibatullah Akundzada, A resident of Kandahar, but who has not come to light in recent years, was due to come to the parade on Wednesday, but he did not come. The city’s new Taliban governor addressed the crowd.

The previous day, thousands of Taliban supporters had gathered in the streets of Kandahar, waving flags and chanting “America is too big.”

The Taliban are expected to announce a new government in a few days. According to the Afghan news channel Dolo News The goal is to negotiate the establishment of a new regime.

This is what a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission told the channel. He also says that Haibatullah will continue to be the Taliban leader and the supreme leader of the regime.