October 23, 2021

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Here, the crypto-exchange manager runs his suitcase with 900 million customers’ money

All trades were closed for four to five days from April 21 when investors in the Turkish cryptocurrency agency Todex suddenly left the agency – due to the sales process.

Until then, Sodex had traded billions worth of cryptocurrencies daily.

Users who were not allowed to withdraw money or access accounts began calling for information on Twitter. Then the snowball began to roll. 390,000 Turks began to fear fraud with their investments in the agency.

Run the day before closing

The founder of Todex is Farooq Fatih Özer. When police took action against Todex, 68 people were arrested, but it was as if Oser had sunk to the ground, state news agency reported. Anatolia.

Along with him, nearly 900 million Norwegian kroner went missing on $ 108 million or investor money.

The day before the sale closed, Özer had traveled to Tirana, Albania. During interrogation he stayed at four addresses there, but he disappeared before police could find him at each location.

On the loose

Two weeks later, the Özer is still large. There are still 900 million of the so-called “Gold Wallet” – a PC that is not connected to the Internet.

Six more arrests in the case include Özer’s brother and sister Anatolia.

Turkish police believe the network around Özer is shrinking. He is still in Albania, but they believe he will flee to the Balkans, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina or somewhere in Greece.

Also, he has a chance to escape to Italy by speedboat.

Iser is preferred via Interpol and it is not possible for him to cross the border legally. He will then be sent straight to Turkey.

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The Turkish media writes that the Özer may collaborate with the mafia to convert cryptocurrency into cash.

Revenue for billions

The Turkish Agency for Economic Crimes has blocked the accounts of Masak and Todex. A ban on the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment was also introduced. News that temporarily contributed to the significant fall in the value of bitcoin at the end of April.

Many Turks keep their savings in cryptocurrencies to protect themselves against inflation and to weaken the Turkish lira.

The day before the crash, Totex had traded crypto for $ 538 million. This corresponds to NOK 5.5 billion.

Denies the allegations

The company believes that international investors have shown interest in buying the company and that the purpose of Oser’s trip to Albania is to meet these investors.

The news agency spoke with AFP Totex’s lawyer. Zer says he does not know where he is, but he says he will return to Turkey when all customers get their money back Newsweek.

The lawyer says the company was in financial trouble and that Özer had to leave the country due to fatigue.

Todex is not Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency company, but its popularity has grown, largely due to தெரிzer and its visibility on social media.