January 17, 2022

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Here, American flights from Kabul are packed with 640 passengers

The spectacular views of Kabul Airport have shocked the world. Photographs show Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

When Kabul fell into the hands of the rebels, thousands of Afghans besieged the airport in the hope of gaining security in another country.

Some fuses stuck as the planes took off, only to fall from a height to die. Others were able to board large transport planes.

Frustrated Afghans boarded the plane

A Reuters photo shows 640 people in close proximity to the plane. The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft is a U.S. transport aircraft widely used by the United States, British and Australian Air Force.

The aircraft has four jet engines and can lift up to 33 tons of heavy loads off the continent without refueling. Wikipedia.

With the plane’s tailgate half open, several frustrated Afghans tried to board the plane. According to, more than a thousand people managed it Security one.

Five times the legal limit of the aircraft

The crew on board learned of the dramatic situation and decided to leave despite the large crowd on board.

In an audio file, crews say the plane had 800 passengers on board, but when the plane landed in Qatar, the number was fixed at 640.

However, this is the highest number of passengers departing from a Boeing C-17. This number is five times higher than the legal limit of air traffic for passenger transport , Writes Skynews. The aircraft is designed to carry 134 soldiers.

The children clung to their parents

The film shows children sticking with their parents and men and women of all ages. Passengers were able to board the plane when pessimistic footage emerged at the airport.

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At least seven people have been killed in chaos and panic at Kabul International Airport on Monday. U.S. forces opened fire to control the crowd.

One person was later found dead in the wheel well of an American plane. According to Washington Post And Politics The flight crew must have sounded the alarm when they could not get the landing gear after departing from Kabul.

One of America’s most important weapons

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is considered to be the most reliable transport aircraft in US service. And used in many sharp missions during the US war in Iraq.

The aircraft is 87 percent war-ready and is part of NATO’s strategic airlift capability, in which Norway and nine NATO nations, with the exception of Sweden and Finland, participate.

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