January 17, 2022

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Heat record in Spain: – Fainting

– Richard Azum (34) tells Thackeray that it is not possible to be in the sun and then I will faint. He lives in the small town of Alharan de la Torre outside of the famous resort city of Malaga in Norway and Spain.

On Saturday, the state Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reported a regional heat record in Spain, with temperatures in the southern city of C கோrdoba hovering at 47.4 degrees.

This is one tenth more than the last record recorded in Cர்டrdoba in 2017.

Asum, who lives two hours away from C கோrdoba, said it was 40 to 45 degrees on Saturday and that it was 33 degrees in his swimming pool.

– It’s too hot right now. Without the pool we would not have created it. We sit inside a lot. Everything moves slowly. You can’t bear to eat so much food. You drink water, and then we have a great meal late at night. I do a little farming, so it’s mostly home office now, says Asum.

Here he is with his dog, Blanketta.  Photo: Private
Need Zesta: – Now that I can work during the day, I understand the concept of Sista even more, says Asum. Here he is with his dog, Blanketta. Photo: Private
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Azum says he has learned to live with the heat, but his dog, the Siberian husk.

– She is not very excited, but she is active late at night finding shady places.

Heat wave

Spain has been experiencing extreme heat since Wednesday. NTB writes that temperatures in many parts of the country, including Andalusia and southern parts of Murcia, are above 45 degrees.

The heat continues this week, but not as intense as last week, says meteorologist Hans Olav Heigen.

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The Spanish Twitter user shared a photo of the temperature measurement in the center of Granada in southern Spain on Saturday, August 14, which shows that the sun was exactly 50 degrees. “Surprising but true. Granada, today», writes the Twitter user.

Climate change

Heat waves and severe drought have caused major wildfires in many parts of southern Europe.

What we see is that there are continuous heat waves around the Mediterranean this summer. It started in wildfires in Turkey and Greece, then it came to North Africa and Tunisia, which created a heat record, and then it came to Spain, says Hans Olav Heigen.

Dangerous Attitude: About 500 people are said to have fled the Turkish coastal city of Manakot due to wildfires. The resort is located 75 km east of Antalya. Video: A.P. Photo: Arif Kaplan / NDP
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– Why is it so hot now?

– This is a coincidence with the weather. But over time we see it warming up more and more. This is part of the bigger picture of global climate change.