October 23, 2021

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Havana Syndrome – Mystery Syndrome: – Doubles the stakes

It became known in May More than 130 Americans have been diagnosed with the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” over the past five years.

The first reports of the diagnosis came in 2016. U.S. Ambassadors at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba Ill over time with the same symptoms, After hearing a noise.

The CIA, the FBI and several government agencies have been implicated in the case, but the cause of the health problems has not yet been determined.

U.S. officials are currently investigating more than 20 cases involving diplomats and diplomats in Vienna. According to The New Yorker The number reported in Vienna is higher after Havana.

Doubling the bet

Experts have been discussing the causes and effects since the first cases were reported in Cuba. Then came similar reports from Russia, China and the United States.

Sonic attack with high frequency sound is one explanation. The sound of cricketing at each other, And none of the theories kill the other.

Some of the injured have been diagnosed with brain injury. Others report deafness, dizziness, sleep problems, headaches and cognitive impairment.

The new lawsuits are said to have caused widespread concern in the Biden administration. The New Yorker reports that efforts by U.S. officials to determine the cause of the symptoms are now doubling and identifying who is behind it.

– In accordance with our role as host state, we are working on a joint investigation with US authorities. We take the news very seriously, and the security of diplomats sent to Austria and their families is our top priority, the Foreign Ministry in Vienna said in a statement.

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Vienna has been a well-known location for intelligence and intelligence personnel for many years. City houses, with many things, many UN. There are headquarters of organizations and many international organizations with information of interest to many states.

The Austrian capital is believed to have representatives from countries including Iran, Syria and North Korea, in addition to a significant number of intelligence personnel from the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia.

– Focus is not the focus

Russia has been identified as the suspect behind the possible sound attacks. The researchers suggested that they may have been performed by a targeted microwave.

Professor Emeritus Jens Martin Howem, a sound and acoustics expert at NDNU, has previously stated: Doppleted If the damage is caused by high frequency sound, it can be transmitted from the normal speaker.

– Sound can come from a speaker measuring several square meters, and operates at very high frequencies. This is a design issue, and not a hoax focus.

According to Howe, it is not particularly difficult to direct sound in a person or a building. It’s about the design of the speaker.

– Think of a radar antenna: a circular disk fitted with a mosaic of ceramic tiles, but instead of sending electromagnetic radiation, Howe says that the mosaic oscillates at any higher frequency you want.

He has no doubt that one can be affected by sound – all kinds of sounds.

– Noise, disturbing people, or communicating over long distances, in one way or another sound influences all living things. Just because someone can hear a sound does not mean there is no sound. In all cases, the sound is mechanical vibration, and high frequency sound can be harmful.

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