December 4, 2021

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Hans Keelmuyton, Keelmuyton Keys | The treasury is tired of Norwegian straw:

Warns about politicians’ wild money betting: – They should have gone on painkillers.

PR Nestor Hans Keilmuyton is concerned about the wild money race of Norwegian society and politicians. Millions of Norwegians now rely on money from the public sector.

– Everyone stands with their feet in the crack of the door, enters the treasury and delivers themselves – Damn shame, says Keelmuyton on the Netavision podcast Storm & Eagland.

– We pour money in the cabin and harass!

Never before have Norwegian politicians scattered so much money around themselves. This cannot be continued

– We pour money in the cabin and harass! The bill goes to the youth. As it stands today, I have never seen so much anxiety among young people, says Keelmuyton.

In addition, it will be during the week Storm & Eagland Some people talk about “kabab norway”, about refusing to make decisions in public, about painkillers and so on.

Hell Thorning-Schmidt and Johann H. Anderson

You can listen to many chapters here Storm & Eagland Ann August Or Spotify Or Apple Podcasts.

Guests include former Danish Prime Minister Hell Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Labor leader Jonas Kahr Ster, NRK Investors include Jens Woldweed-Mo, John Better Cisner, Christian Adolfsen, Johann H. People like Anderson and Rainier Indal mention the names of a few.


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