July 29, 2021

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Half the population was affected by the closure

On Tuesday, a third state went on full strike. Writes that the news of residents staying at home now applies to parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales BBC.

At the same time, the mind is growing among people who experience harsh rules and intrusive actions again after 18 months of infection.

The reopening in the UK and US has put pressure on authorities.

Pressure: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is responsible for saying that there are regrettable vaccine rolling issues in the country. According to a recent poll, only half of the population supports dealing with Morrison infection. Photo: Rick Rycroft / AB / NTP

“No country in the world is 100 percent right in the fight against the epidemic,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the media on Wednesday.

The government has been severely criticized for the slow progress of the vaccine.

Less than 14 percent are vaccinated. It is the lowest in all OECD countries.

The delta virus is becoming extinct

Until recently, Australia’s strategy of closed borders, isolation and rapid closure helped keep the epidemic at bay. But the highly contagious delta variant has created problems for these operations in recent months.

More than 1,500 people have been affected by the Sydney blast, and although the city was closed for a fourth week, health officials on Wednesday registered more than 110 new cases.

According to the BBC, many fear the city will be closed until September.

Recently, many residents have also protested against coronary restrictions. According to the British Daily Mail, Four protesters were arrested after clashes with police in Sydney on Sunday.

A group is particularly vulnerable

Health officials are now focusing on the indigenous people in Australia. Less than seven percent of tribal and other minority groups are reported to have been vaccinated ABC News. There are many reasons, including the suspicion of vaccination, the lack of registration.

The Greater Western Sydney Aboriginal Health Clinic now encourages people to get vaccinated.

– The delta variant is more dangerous than we have seen before. Personally, I am very concerned, said a representative of the same channel.

Suspicion: Health officials in Australia are now focusing on Australia’s indigenous people.

Suspicion: Health officials in Australia are now focusing on Australia’s indigenous people. Photo: Rick Rycroft / AB / NTP

Australia has largely invested in vaccines from AstraZeneca. Critics of the authorities say many Australians are reluctant to take the astrogen Gene vaccine due to a lack of information about its risk of rare blood clots.

Australia has only a limited number of its second approved vaccine, writes from Pfizer BBC. A total of 915 people have died from the corona virus in Australia, according to statistics Health officials.

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