January 22, 2022

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Hadia Tajik, Celebrity | So, Hadia Tajik and Christian Schort “had to get married”: – a rule in Norway

The couple got married in 2019, but the big wedding has been a long time coming.

And podcasts “Ida with heart in hand” Politician Hadia Tajik, 37, tells of a summer day in Copenhagen this week in 2019 – when she was the wife of Christian Scord (49).

After host Ida Platon (35) asks how long Tajik and his fiance have been together, the two get down to the topic. Flyton is surprised to hear that Tajik is married because he has never heard of a marriage.

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The politician explains that this is a completely natural reason why she and Scott had to postpone the wedding because of the corona epidemic. But the rituals surrounding the wedding had to be fulfilled to fulfill the couple’s dreams.

Tajis and Scots had to get married to have children, he says:

– We both got married because we love each other, but since there is a rule in Norway, if you want to get help with in vitro fertilization, you have to be together for two years – or get married. We have not been together for two years.

– Love is down

In Podcast, the 37-year-old reveals details from a “secret” wedding in Copenhagen.

He describes it as “good” and “small” and says they were both his brother, Scott’s aunt and aunt’s husband only. The aunt, who worked at the Norwegian embassy in the Danish capital, was in charge of the wedding, and Tajik’s brother and aunt’s husband were witnesses during the wedding.

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– Then, my husband and I and my brother went out and ate cake and we got married, he says on the podcast.

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On this occasion, he says that he was wearing the red summer dress that his mother wore when he was his age, and that the close marriage that took place in Denmark was perfect for both of them due to the circumstances they were in.

– When situations mean that you need to get married properly, you need to have a legal agreement before you can get help … but at the same time, love is down. Otherwise we would not be married. So yeah, I think it was great, she says on the podcast.

Long way to baby happiness

After discovering the tone at a summer party a few months ago, Hadia Tajik and Christian Skord became a couple in the fall of 2018.

By May of next year, both of them Cooperation and involvement, June 2020 so they can share that good news They expect children together. Daughter Sophia Came to the world in January 2021 – And it was Tajik who shared this news on Facebook.

“From now on I pray with all my heart. Her name is Sophia, after my mother Safia. Christian and I are very grateful for the help we received from the good people in Ulleval., He wrote in the post.

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However, the path to a pregnancy is long.

Tajik suffers from endometriosis and adenomyosis, the first of which he openly stated in his much-discussed autobiography in 2020. These are widespread gynecological diseases in which the uterine lining tissue is located outside the uterus, in the abdominal cavity. In the case of Tajik, diseases reduced the chance of having children, he wrote in his biography.

– An attempt

Therefore, she and her husband received in vitro fertilization assistance, but it did not work right away.

In the book, Hadia Tajik wrote about many hormone therapies and failed attempts Doppleted.

“One time the fetus got stuck, but let it go quickly. Other times it didn’t even stick”, The politician wrote that it did not hide the fact that she was heavy:

‘Something withered inside me. The days that followed were gray. This is an attempt to move forward.

Also on Ida Flaton’s podcast, Tajik talks about failed attempts and describes it as “a bottomless regret”.

But in the end it worked, as Tajik and Skart mentioned today, the proud parents of their daughter Sofia.

So far, Netavision has not succeeded in getting further feedback from Tajik on the matter.


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