October 23, 2021

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Govt-positive man dressed as wife to fly – VG

Sneaking on the plane: Citylink flight at Bengkulu airport in Indonesia in April. Photo: ADEK BERRY / AFP

A man with coronavirus in Indonesia boarded a plane in Jakarta using his wife’s niqab, negative PCR test and ID.


This CNN Indonesia Writes about the person prosecuting.

He wore a niqab on a Sitling domestic flight from Jakarta to Ternate and used his wife’s identity documents and a negative Govt check.

CNN He writes that the man was found when he turned on the flight toilet in Ternate and saw an flight attendant coming out in completely different clothes.

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Polish police: Corona sufferer escapes from hospital in Krakow, Norway

Airport police were called and when health workers examined the man, he tested positive for Govt-19.

– The airport immediately contacted the Govt-19 special team in Ternat to remove the person. They put on full infection control equipment and took him to their home in an ambulance. Committee chairman Mohammad Arif Ghani says he is under the supervision of officers on the special committee when he is alone.

Indonesia is currently in the midst of a powerful wave of carna virus infection:

The investigation is ongoing and the person will be questioned at the end of the solitude period. According to CNN, police said they would report the person.

Earlier this week, a man in Australia caused a stir He tied the bed together and escaped from his hotel isolation Four and four floors below the window.

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