December 4, 2021

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Government stops troops against protesters – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

According to Reuters, President Duke is now sending 7,000 troops to Galle to “clear the roadblocks.”

But there is no sign that protesters will be intimidated from the streets.

According to official figures, 49 people have been killed since the protests began in early May.

Human Rights Watch believes the number is 63, up from yesterday’s the news of the last six coming today.

Burning of armored car near Bogota

One of the armored cars of the police caught fire during the protests on Friday. The picture is from Madrid near the capital Bogot.

Photo: Juan Pablo Pino / AFP

Wade Barricade Deployment

Several deaths are said to have occurred at a barricade set up by protesters.

There are judicial officers News agency A.P. One of their “agents” opened fire on several protesters and confirmed that they had “caused death.”

Then they went on the counter-attack and killed the person who was not at work when it happened.

Killed investigator, Gali

One of those killed was an investigator from the public prosecutor’s office who tried to break a roadblock set up by protesters.

Photo: Luis Robo / AFP

City Mayor George Evan Ospina introduced the curfew order from 19.00 yesterday, describing the situation as “a mad state of death and suffering”.

Police in Galle say eight of the 10 people killed have died from gunshot wounds, the news agency AFP reported.

From tax protests to political uprisings

The protests began on April 28 in response to the unions’ plans for the government Increasing taxes For individuals earning less than 5500 kroner a month. Even the government Increase taxes on fuel, Municipal services and common foods such as eggs, milk and meat.

The country’s leadership believed that a tax increase was necessary to meet the worst economic crisis in decades.

Since then, the demand has increased. Protesters in most major cities across the country are now demanding minimum wages, free education and better conditions for the country’s indigenous people.

President Duke said he would drop the tax increase four days later, but that did not stop protesters.

Colombian President Evan Duc greeted police officers at the Metropolitan Police Command in Galle

Colombian President Evan Duke (center) spoke with police in Galle on May 28.

Photo: Columbia Presidency / Reuters

Among other things, they have blocked roads, causing fuel and food shortages in some areas.

After 16 protesters were killed in clashes with police on May 3, police stations targeted angry people. Colombia’s rebel police have been added to the list of dissolution demands.

In the first two weeks, more than 800 police officers were injured, the BBC reported.

Deep concern

Ericsson Seride in Sorting

Secretary of State Ene Erickson Seride.

Photo: Derje Peterson / NDP

Norway is deeply concerned about the development of violence in Galle and the further loss of human lives, says Foreign Minister Eene Eriksen Serid.

– We stand behind the UN call for an updated dialogue. Violence and bullying must end. He said in a statement that all human rights violations should be investigated and prosecuted.

Poverty and the Corona

Prior to the epidemic, 36 percent of the population lived below the poverty line.

The stock is now up more than 42 percent. Officially, 14 percent of adults are now unemployed.

Protesters set fire to a bank branch in Medellin.

Protesters are also attacking signs of monetary power. Here, someone set fire to a bank branch in Medellin. Image from May 28th.

Photo: Joaquin Sermianto / AFP

The city of Gali, a nine-hour drive southwest of the capital, has long been considered one of the most dangerous in the country.

Many fleeing clashes between paramilitary groups, guerrillas and government forces are settling in Galle.

The city has a population of over 2 million, but a small business that can provide permanent jobs.

I agree to negotiate

According to Defender The trade union movement and the president have agreed to begin negotiations based on policy.

But the president refuses to sign the letter until some of the leaders of the opposition movement refuse to condemn the use of roadblocks.

In Galle, protests continue for government action

Protests against poverty, police violence and social inequality in Galle on Friday.

Photo: Stringer / Reuters

Colombia’s finance ministry believes the protests and roadblocks have cost the country more than $ 23 billion.

These measures also led to an increase in the prices of some commodities.

Threat to peace treaty

In 2016, the government and the armed insurgency signed the FARC A peace treaty, Assisted by Norwegian brokers.

The treaty marked the end of more than fifty years of civil war.

FARC soldiers must be disarmed and assisted in public life.

Coca should help producers produce more productive crops.

But many did not get the help they expected, and Says the President Former guerrillas have infiltrated the protests.

Masked protesters in the empty

It is not easy to see who is hiding behind the masks. Here from the demonstration in Galle on Friday 28 May.

Photo: Luis Robo / AFP

President Duke was against the entire peace deal. Critics say he did not follow through on what the then government promised in the agreement.

The FARC’s disarmament has been systematically implemented, but small factional groups have refused to end the fighting. ifølge Human Rights Watch.

According to President Ivan Duke, it is easier to make peace with the unions than anyone else who protested last month.

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