January 17, 2022

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Good friend of the late Albert Tyrland: – So the friend died:

This Week Friday Danish YouTuber and Media Profile Albert Tyreland (22) Died in an accident.

This was confirmed by his family Extra bladed.

Avisa writes that he fell from a cliff and died while Tyreland was filming a YouTube video in Italy. The accident should have happened on Wednesday.

– The family is in great distress, said his mother, Vibe Jensen Extra bladed Friday.

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– We do not feel threatened

Write now The same newspaper The deceased was accompanied by a friend from the United States, the famous YouTuber Tucker Toss, when the dangerous thing happened – and Dirland died 200 meters down.

Extra Bledet insists that the interview was printed with the permission of the family of the deceased.

In the interview, Doss said he and his friend went to the area to see the beautiful landscape and film content for their YouTube channels. They had been there the day before too, but decided to go back to see more.

This time, they decided to move to an area that is not much used by tourists in general, and it involves more difficult terrain conditions.

– We went to the top of Ceseta Mountain in Val Gardena at 15, shortly after this tragic incident happened just before he entered, says Tucker Toss.

– was at the peak of the accident. Above it was completely flat, but there the steep slope was also covered with grass. It went down a cliff. Everything was normal and we did not feel threatened in any way. It was windless and completely calm weather.

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Death: Danish YouTuber and media personality only 22 years old.  Photo: Michael Pager / NDP
Death: The Danish YouTuber and media personality is only 22 years old. Photo: Michael Pager / NDP
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– In shock

They enjoyed some time in the mountains and started recording on their phones. Then he realized that something was terribly wrong.

– We were about 60 meters apart when the accident happened. I took pictures of the landscape, while Albert sat on the soft grass above the cliff, where he photographed himself with a tripod.

He continues:

– I sat on his back and suddenly heard him shout my name. I looked back and I could see him uncontrollably leaning down on the grass and falling off the cliff, he says of lucky moments.

The comrade was completely paralyzed and terrified of what had happened.

– I was in shock, unable to move for a few seconds. Then I ran to where he was sitting to understand what had happened.

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– Crying and screaming

He then called the emergency number.

– I cried and ran straight to my phone to call the rescue team. Ten minutes later, a helicopter arrived at the scene, he recalled.

But rescue teams rushed to the scene but were unable to save Tyrland’s life. He died at the scene.

According to an interview with Extra Blade, Tucker wants to emphasize that Toss’s death was an accident, and that they were both very careful when moving up the mountain.

Albert Tyreland had nearly 170,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he published several music videos and sketches. In 2019, he starred in the film “Team Albert”, a comedy about a guy who wants to live off YouTube.

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