January 17, 2022

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French-born panda twins – VG

Proud Mother: Juan Juan with his two new knees. Photo: Killam Sound / AFP

Panda Juan Juan gave birth to two twins on Monday night, according to the Powell Zoo. This is the second time a baby has been born to a panda in France.


The two twins, born at 1 p.m., are the third cubs of Juan Juan and his partner Juan Xi. When baby Yuan Meng was born in 2017, it was the first panda birth in France.

– Two children pink. They are in very good shape. Rodolf Delord, head of the zoo, said they are big enough and wonderful.

Pandas are very difficult to capture in captivity and in the open. Females conceive only one to two days a year, and captive panda males are often not interested in this activity.

Still, Juan Juan and Juan Xi joined Eight times in March – the great excitement and surprise of the cattle breeders.

Juan Meng, Juan Huan’s first child, now weighs more than 100 kilograms and will be shipped to China throughout the year, where about 1800 pandas live freely and 500 have been captured.

The name of the twins of Huan Huan who borrowed from China will not be there for 100 days. The task of finding names for them was given to Peng Liuwan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the zoo says.

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