January 17, 2022

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Fraud charge – – reimburses millions

Donald Trump and the Republicans have so far repaid $ 13 million so far in 2021 – 120 million kroner – to former election campaign donors.

It suggests New York Times, As mentioned earlier this year How could Trump’s campaign machine have misled people who want to donate bulk to the campaign?, Should become regular weekly donors until Election Day.

According to the newspaper, if donors do not wish to make a weekly donation, they will have to manually tick a box in digital form. An additional pre-filled box approved to pull the extra amount will then be added to the forms.

According to the newspaper, the tactic led to allegations of fraud and demands for a refund.

Dolte: It was not Donald Trump’s speech that boiled the web after a conference in North Carolina on June 6, 2021. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vic. Video: NTP, Twitter
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$ 120 million repaid in 2020

The former president’s machine has declined to comment on this year’s refund.

When the New York Times wrote in April that the campaign and the Republican Party had repaid $ 122 million – more than ten percent of the funds raised through the Winred site by 2020 – spokesman Jason Miller said less than one percent of the transactions were subject to change. Proper repayment requests.

– Republicans think intelligently and digitally, ensuring support for President Trump through our fundraising activities. Rona McDonnell, chair of the Republican National Committee, says we beat the Democrats at every turn. Fox NewsWhen donations soared on Trump’s birthday in June last year.

– It is clear that the Trump campaign has used a misleading tactic. If you have to repay so much money, you are doing something wrong or something very unethical, judging Peter Login, project director of ethics in political relations at George Washington University.

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During the same period, Biden’s campaign tool returned $ 21 million – more than two percent of the funds raised by ActBlue, the Democrats’ donation platform.

Both parties should have used the procedure The Central Election Commission recommended a ban in June. A spokesman for President Joe Biden’s campaign tool told the New York Times that they rarely use the system.

Did not stand after failure

Donations to the Trump apparatus did not stop when the election defeat became a reality in early November last year.

As is well known, Trump stubbornly insisted that the election winner should steal from him, and encouraged supporters to donate to the so-called “Stop Theft” campaign.

According to Forbes In the eight weeks following Election Day, Trump raised more than $ 255 million. His tool, according to CNN In the month that the election results were known, 546 donation requests were sent by email and SMS.

It is not clear how much funding was raised for the former president’s attempt to change the outcome of the election.