October 23, 2021

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Four people in a family of six were killed

At one point, the Powell family of six was on a trip together, on their way home from visiting the children’s grandparents. Next, Mum So (29), Phoebe (8), Amelia (4) and Simeon (6) were killed when their seven-seater came into the oncoming lane and collided with a 36-tonne fully loaded truck. To BBC News.

Dad Josh and youngest daughter Penny (18 months) were also in the car. They survived an accident on October 12 last year on the A40 main road via Oxfordshire, England.

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Nothing to remember

Josh said he had no recollection of the accident, which tore his entire family to pieces.

– I was blessed with four wonderful children, the joys and adventures of life kept me very busy (…) Now that we have time to rest and grieve, this is the challenging family of the great loss we will lose, Josh wrote a little a week later på Thames Valley Policies Facebook page.

A few months before the accident, the family lost everything they had when their house burned down.

The accident is widely reported in the UK, and the big question is how the grassroots tragedy would have occurred.

Torn Away: Mother Cho and three of the four children died in the crash.  Photo: Thames Valley Police
Skip: Mother Joe and three of the four children died in the crash. Photo: Thames Valley Police
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An accident report is now available Sky News. Joe, who was driving the car, suddenly drove the car to the right, to the right, into the oncoming lane – but it turns out that it happened by accident.

Probably an accident

Forensic pathologist Darren Salter testified during the court hearing in Oxford. Zoe is investigating whether the accident was caused on purpose, but the 29-year-old concludes that there is no evidence that he intended to harm himself and his family.

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– This is due to excessive fatigue and distraction or a combination of the two – and the steering command is a driver error, Psalter said.

Subaru Seven – The travel system of the seats shows that the control is activated and the car has a speed limit of 60 mph (about 100 km / h). At the last moment before the accident, the accelerator pedal was depressed instead of the brake – an unknown phenomenon in such situations.

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In connection with the fact that the investigation into the accident has now been completed, the family Issued a statement, Again via the police.

– Such a small distraction may have caused such a terrible accident, that the roads should be a painful reminder to all that they are dangerous places; For a moment the action devastated an entire family and created a lasting impression on everyone around them.

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