January 17, 2022

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Foreign Policy, China | China is tightening its grip

Foreign journalists are experiencing increasing pressure in China. Many were expelled, but the NRK is currently standing.

In recent years, Chinese authorities have tightened their grip on freedom of expression in the country. The availability of information is limited and more and more journalists face more threats.

Train Angelsker, chairman of the Chinese delegation to the Norwegian PEN, believes it is important for Norwegian journalists to continue to speak in China.

“China is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to freedom of expression and freedom of the press,” Angelskar told Netavision.

At least 18 journalists have been deported in the past year and a half, according to figures from China’s Foreign Correspondence Association, the FCCC. Many media outlets have withdrawn their foreign news outlets from China.

Class struggles BBC journalist John Sundworth today left China after years of surveillance, threats and harassment.

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Demanding working conditions

NRK has its own foreign base in Beijing and is one of the first Western media outlets to establish itself in China. Sigurd Falkenberg Mickelson, head of foreign affairs at the NRK, believes the stock is important for security in the country.

– Our presence in the foreign sector in China is incredibly important to reveal what is happening in the country. This applies to both political development, but China is also a new global center of power, Falkenberg Mickelson tells Netavision.

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After Xi Jinping came to power in the country, the working conditions of foreign journalists have deteriorated. The European Union (EU) has accused China of forcing access to information and forcing foreign journalists to leave the country.

It is no secret that working conditions for NRK reporters in China – and now there is Kersty Strumman – have become more in demand, but Balkenberg Mickelson insists that the NRK operates the sound press according to its own policies.

– That type of case and demands to work in the country. It is difficult to say what the future will bring, but we are well accustomed to working under conditions like this, and I think we can still handle it.

Serious consequences

Train Angelsker Norsk Penn in the Freedom of Expression organization confirms that Chinese authorities have laid down strong guidelines for what journalists can write about. He says foreign journalists are often overseen.

– This is happening despite the freedom of the press enshrined in the Chinese constitution. China wants to be respected in the international arena, but chooses not to follow its own national rules or international rules.

China has always tried to control its own stories, but the international media is gaining more and more control over what it writes about the country. This austerity of foreign journalists will have serious consequences.

– If we don’t have journalists in China, we don’t know what’s going on in the country. We do not get the consistent or subtle opinion of the Chinese authorities, Angelsker insists.

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