October 23, 2021

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– Fight for Life – VG

Profile Journalist: Peter R. De Vries testified during the trial against Willem Holiday in January 2019. Photo: OLAF KRAAK / ANP

Award-winning Dutch crime journalist Peter R. Three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of De Vries, 64, in the streets of Amsterdam on Tuesday night.


– This is a brutal and cowardly act, Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema told a news conference with police on Tuesday night.

– At this point, the only thing we know is that he is fighting for his life, says Halsema.

De Vries was shot at close range on an open street. Amsterdam Police Chief Frank Pav says three people have been arrested.

– One of them may have been shot, he says.

A getaway car was parked on the A4 motorway, where two suspects were arrested. The police chief mentions the fleeing car as their biggest clue. Witnesses who filmed the getaway car were able to quickly locate it by police.

– We see different motives, but now it is different because we have arrested the suspects. We have different scenarios open and Pav says don’t exclude anything.

The shooting is said to have taken place around 7.30pm on Tuesday night. The police chief will not comment on whether the weapon was found.

Dutch Prime Minister: – Shock

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says they think primarily of de Vries and his close associates.

– The attack on Peter de Vries is shocking and difficult to understand. This is an attack on the free press, which is important for our democracy and the rule of law. We hope he escapes the attack, and that’s the most important thing right now, Rutte says.

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– This is an attack on press freedom. The Prime Minister says that freedom of the press is essential for our democracy, our rule of law and cooperation.

Justice Minister Ferdinand Gropperhouse says it’s a black day.

– Not only for those who know him, but also for press freedom.

According to the Telegraph, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Justice and Defense Minister Ferdinand Gropperhouse met with the anti-terrorism unit NCTV at 10pm on Tuesday.

Currently, the threat level in the Netherlands has not been raised.


The Dutch newspaper Alzheimer’s has spoken to an eyewitness to the shooting of the plot, saying he heard five shots and saw De Vries lying on the ground.

A neighbor tells the newspaper that he was sitting in a cafe on the same street when he heard a loud noise.

– It was repeated four or five times. At first I thought it was fireworks, he says.

It was earlier reported that a major search operation was underway for the culprit. The crime scene was cordoned off. The suspect was described as short and slender, and was said to be wearing a green camouflage jacket and black hat.

Should have been on the “death list” of the drug list

De Vries is the star adviser to Nabil Bakali, who witnessed the extensive investigation against Moroccan-Dutch drug lord Ridovan Taki.

In 2018, Buckley’s brother was shot dead, while his lawyer, Dirk Weirs, was shot dead in 2019 on an open street in Amsterdam. According to the local newspaper Prada Today Buckley’s current lawyer Peter Schotton is guarding the police station. The scout was brought to safety Tuesday night.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Dutch prosecutor’s office suspects that the Dutchman led a drug dealer. In Dubai, he is known as the leader of “Angels of Death”, one of the most dangerous drug dealers in the country.

Taki has been wanted by Dutch police for a long time. Dutch prosecutors have promised to pay 100,000 euros for information leading to Dougie’s arrest. In 2019, he was arrested in Dubai and later extradited to the Netherlands, where he is being held in a high security prison.

The attack is suspected to have been linked to at least ten murders.

In May, De Vries announced that he was on Doc’s “death list.” Thaki then sent a letter to De Vries in which he denied death threats.

De Vries is said to have refused additional security measures in connection with the Taki case.

Telegraph journalist Vincent Trieste was at the scene Tuesday night and wrote on Twitter Many came with flowers after the shooting was over.

The hospital where TV Reese is receiving treatment is VU. The news channel NOS reported that there were a large number of armed police outside the Medic Center.

– A room in the face of the press

The TV show RTL Boulevard was recorded at the scene. De Vries was a guest on Tuesday night’s show, talking about the Dutch murder case from 2019, Alzheimer’s Doc Platt said.

De Vries is a renowned Dutch crime reporter and digging journalist. He had his own crime plan, which set audience records in the Netherlands. De Vries is married and has two children.

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– One believes this is not going to happen, says Thomas Bruning Alzheimer’s, the famous general secretary of the Dutch Press Association.

– Of course we have to wait for the link here, but the attack took place just outside the doors of RDL Boulevard. Anyway, this is a room in the face of the press. Pruning says we hope and pray for his health.

Many politicians in the Dutch lower house are reacting. Keert Wilders was one of those who mentioned the shooting on Twitter. “Terrible,” he writes.