January 17, 2022

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Fear the new coronal wave: – It is an epidemic among the unknown

It was recorded on Saturday 50,000 new cases in the United States, And the trend is increasing. The number of people with coronary heart disease in the country has also risen recently.

On Sunday, more than 162 million Americans were vaccinated, but Anthony Fucci, an immunologist and White House chief health adviser, was frustrated by a trend showing fewer and fewer Americans being vaccinated.

On Sunday, he commented on a sample that shows that 4,000 people a day could die from the corona virus in the United States, otherwise more people would not be vaccinated. He pointed out that most of the deaths would affect non-victims.

– We have said this many times before. It is an epidemic among the undiagnosed, which is why we are practically asking people to get vaccinated. and immunologen.

Vaccinated drains

Fuc c Agreed Health officials are now considering re-introducing a health wipe order for vaccinated people, to get rid of the delta diversity that dominates the country.

Many districts in the United States have already introduced health napkins on their own initiative, including in Los Angeles, California.

George Rutherford, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley, said: “We find that unopened people are affected by the epidemic and that the delta variant is even stronger. Referred to a study This confirmed that 99.6 percent of new cases in the city of Los Angeles are detected in the undetected.

The vaccine war is on the rise in the United States – because of politicians and providers

According to Barbara Ferrer, director of public health in Los Angeles, the increase in infections in the district is due to the spread of the delta variant, and people who are not vaccinated and do not wear masks are together.

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– We are now seeing an increase similar to what it was last summer. But one important difference than last year is that millions have been vaccinated. Therefore, we hope to avoid an increase in the number of deaths as we did in 2020, says Ferrer.

I hope fewer will die

Fassi praised Sunday that political leaders in areas with low vaccination rates are doing their part to encourage people to get vaccinated. Among other things, he isolated Republican Congressman Steve Scholes.

Scholes took the vaccine last week, despite previously being told he was waiting to be vaccinated. He had coronary heart disease before him so he thought he would have immunity.

Biden harshly on social media: – It will take people’s lives

– When you talk to people who run hospitals, they will tell you that 90 percent of those admitted with delta variation are unrestricted. Scholis says this is another clear indication of how the vaccine works.

Ron Desantis, Florida State and Republican Formerly a critic of Fossie, Was commended for approving the vaccine.

– We need to ensure more people who can interact with the undiagnosed and encourage people to get vaccinated, Fassi says.