October 23, 2021

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Father accused of abuse of power – VG

Free: The movement seeking to free Britney from her father gathered outside the Stanley Mosque District Court on June 23, 2021. Photo: Chris Pisello / A.P.

Britney Spears shed tears over the phone in court. The pop star has also been offered the option of a new lawyer.


In court, he supports the demand that the father be charged with abuse of power and removed as a guardian. It writes Sky News.

“I would like to report my father for abusing power,” he said CNN And broke several times in tears.

– I want to question my father.

He addressed the court on the phone. According to Sky News, he listed several complaints here, including that he lost his coffee and hair vitamins.

– This is not abuse, it is very evil, he told the court.

At one point during the interrogation, CNN reported that the guards “tried to kill me.”

– If this is not an abuse of power, I do not know.

The court hearing began at 22.45 Norwegian time, and the doors to the courtroom at Stanley Mask District Court in Los Angeles were closed during the trial.

On Saturday, the pop star seemed to want to Involve the famous lawyer Matthew Rosencord.

On Wednesday, he received the approval of Judge Brenda Penny, writes Deadline.com. When Britney reached the fans outside the news hall, cheers erupted.

Speaking publicly on behalf of Spears on Thursday, he asked Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, to volunteer as a defender.

– Jamie Spears should be removed as a defender because this is the best thing for Britney Spears. We will work resolutely to eliminate him. Question still: Why was he involved? He must resign voluntarily.

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Prior to the court hearing, several people gathered outside the courthouse and chanted slogans in support of Spears.

Spoken for the first time in June

In late June, Britney Spears told the public for the first time how she had enjoyed keeping her father Jamie Spears as a defender for the past 13 years.

He described the project Attack, And announced lawsuits against his own family.

– During the court hearing he said that the police case should be over and I should not go for treatment twice a week.

Spears wanted to choose his own lawyer.

Wanted: Britney Spears has recently expressed great dissatisfaction with keeping her father as a defender. Picture here in 2016. Photo: Eduardo Munoz / X 01440

Those involved fall like flies

His speech caused a stir, and it was not long before his father asked the court to investigate the allegations he had made against the family.

Eventually, one after another came out of the device surrounding the pop star.

Pulled first Britney’s longtime manager, Then it became known The lawyer who has worked for him since 2008 is doing the same.

Samuel III Inham was appointed by the court in 2008. But has now been given to him.

The Bessemer Trust, a management company that was supposed to share financial responsibility with his father, has also resigned. The reason is that they know that Spears is against this plan and want to end it.

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Don’t let it be a parent: During a court hearing in June, Britney Spears said she should use contraception against her will. Photo: VALERIE MACON / AFP

She didn’t know she could finish the guard

Earlier footage showed Britney had been against the defender for several years, but a month ago during court, it was revealed that Ingham had never informed her that she could actually ask the defender to stop.

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– I apologize for my ignorance, but I don’t know if you can. My lawyer says I can’t, he said at the hearing a month ago.

So Ingham was recently subjected to an investigation.

VG was previously a member of U.S. Attorney Christopher C. Has spoken with Melcher Getting out of safety is not easy.