January 17, 2022

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Facebook will ban Trump for two years – and for a long time

The agency has concluded that the then president instigated violence in connection with the storm on January 6, the day Congress’ election victory was to be recognized in Congress.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for international affairs, writes: A bloggpost Friday.

New rating

Not to mention that Trump could return to Facebook in two years.

– At the end of this period, we will consult with experts to assess whether the risk to social security is over. Clegg writes that we consider external factors, including incidents of violence, restrictions on peaceful gatherings, and other signs of public unrest.

In May, the company’s regulatory body confirmed the ouster of the president, which took place after a storm in Congress. The so-called Supervisory Board is appointed and funded by the company, but it functions as an independent body.

But the regulatory body was critical of Facebook’s decision, pointing out that an indefinite “without clear criteria” is not a water-holding reaction. Friday’s decision by the Facebook administration should count in response.

Training change

The news comes at the same time as confirmation that Facebook is disabling a controversial practice previously held by company manager Mark Zuckerberg. It includes special rules for politicians on stage.

Hate speech, misinformation and other content that is otherwise removed is accepted as indicating that it is news value content.

The internet company said on Friday that the company would still use the argument about the value of the news to leave out some posts from politicians, even if it violates rules that apply to others. However, Facebook says they “will not treat politicians’ material in any other way than what others post.”

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The company says they report cases where this exception rule has been used.

Insulting voters

On Friday, Donald Trump said Facebook’s decision was a disgrace to those who voted for him, while he reiterated his claim to be the real winner of the election – the last of which was denied by dozens of lawsuits in the United States’ annual presidential election.

– Do not allow them to get out of this audit and fraud, in the end we will win. “Our country can no longer deal with this abuse,” Trump said in a statement.

– Serious violation

The company’s management and Facebook-appointed control panel have reported that Trump’s two Facebook messages since January 6 have severely violated content rules for Facebook and Instagram.

– We love you. You are so special, he wrote in the first message to violent protesters. Second, he referred to them as “great patriots” and asked, “Remember this day forever.”

This violates Facebook’s rules against praising or supporting violence, the group noted, specifically pointing to Facebook’s rules against “dangerous individuals and organizations.” These rules exclude anyone who announces a violent agenda, and prohibit messages expressing or praising support for such individuals or groups.


In 2016 Facebook introduced a common exception to what is described as news value reports. The practice attracted special attention in 2019 when Nick Clegg said that reports from politicians should be considered as news content that should be generally seen and heard.

“If someone publishes a statement or shares a post that violates our standards, we will allow it on our platform if we believe that the public interest in viewing it outweighs the risk of harm,” he wrote in a blog post.

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Five people were killed when protesters stormed a convention building in the US capital. More than 300 people have so far been charged in connection with the riots.