October 23, 2021

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Expect four times as many passengers in Cartermoine

At the end of May, there were 10,000 passengers daily in Cartermoine. Now many times more is expected.

Nicoletta Luptakova and Rebecca Senakova (right) traveled from Slovakia to Oslo. Photo: Kettle Plom Hawkstulan

– I still can’t believe it. I think I dream.

Rebecca Senakova is out of entry control at Oslo Airport Cartermoine. He and his friend Nicoletta Luptkova have moved from Slovakia to Oslo. They have been waiting two months to travel to Norway. Today, Norway opens its borders to Europe.

– So we go on the first possible flight, says Luptakova.

They will be working at a hotel in Norway this summer. From Monday, the Norwegian travel rules were changed. Henceforth, Norway will coordinate its entry restrictions and isolation rules with the EU. This makes many countries in the EEA region greener and makes it easier for Norwegians to go abroad.

This is observed at border crossings.

It was great with passengers in the departure hall in Cartermoine on Monday morning. Photo: Kettle Plom Hawkstulan

More than four times

In May, the average number of daily passengers was 10,000. Avinor estimates that number will rise to about 45,000 by July.

This is especially noticeable for those flying overseas and in Norway.

In a press release, Airport Director Stein Ramstadt Westby asks foreigners to prepare long queues.

– Some days we had queues for 5-6 hours. Without major changes in entry restrictions from the authorities, we expect the situation to continue and worsen in the future, he says.

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Let’s finally see the son

Dutchman Bram Assenberg grinds wide as he sees his son in a small number waiting in the hall of visitation in Cartermoine. He drops his suitcase and gives his son Ronald a big hug. The son works in Sweden, but it was easy for them to meet in Norway. Now they will enjoy a four-day vacation together.

– Very happy to be able to come here and see my son, he says.

Assenberg talks about long lines, but an excellent system of border control.

– You had to go a long way and stand in several queues, but it went well, he says.

Bram Assenberg and his son Ronald will continue to Sweden, but meeting in Oslo is much cheaper. Photo: Kettle Plom Hawkstulan

That’s why it takes so long

Entry restrictions in particular are the ones that take the longest when people come to Norway.

This is because although many countries in Europe are now green and can travel to many places without isolation, there are still strict restrictions on entry.

Boundary control requires all visitors to register regardless of whether they have a green corona passport. They need to check if the passengers have been vaccinated, if they are from a green country, or if they are from a red country. If people need to be isolated, the Ullensecker Municipality takes care of them and takes them to an isolated hotel.

It was approximate. 30 meters line to Dr. Tropin before departure at Oslo Airport. There was some confusion about the rules in the queue, and a woman holding her mobile phone with the authorities’ “Govit-19 restrictions” screen shot. Photo: Kettle Plom Hawkstulan

– Difficult to track

Conditions in Gardermon vary depending on the type of travel people take.

  • If you are traveling Abroad For Norway, one can expect long queues at border control.
  • If you are going to travel From Norway Abroad, there may be some queues. Passengers are advised to check the flight’s advice on when to stand in line at the airport. For countries outside the EU, the requirements for documentation and vaccination testing vary. Drop-in vaccination tests have been set up at several major airports.
  • Domestic Voyager Should go normally.

With so many different rules, it’s hard to keep track. It was discovered by a Norwegian woman who was on her way home from London to attend her son’s wedding. Although he was fully vaccinated, he had to undergo a drop test before leaving.

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– Being able to come here for the wedding was absolutely fantastic. But it’s a little hard to keep track of all the rules, he says.

Exit, entry and segregation rules vary depending on which country you are traveling to and have been vaccinated.

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On Monday, the borders open further. But Norway is still one of the most closed countries in Europe. – This summer vacation is over.

– Do not come too soon

Curly Hague Ulverud, Avinor’s head of communications, recommends that people check in with the airline when people are queuing at the airport and what documents you need.

– The problem is people will come soon. People have to show up well in advance, but we’ve got people who came here before the staff, he says.

Despite the increase in airport traffic in recent weeks, they carry 100,000 passengers daily in July during normal years.

SAS: – Unparalleled progress

SAS says there has been a clear increase in the number of passengers, helping that Nosway has now relaxed entry rules.

– We enjoyed the unparalleled improvement that the government came up with its relief over the weekend and the booking figures were very positive. Travel manager Freiza Annamatz says traveling in Spain, Greece, Italy and Croatia for warmth and experiences is very popular.

SAS estimates that despite the travel facility, they will fly overseas 60 percent less than a normal year.

Avinor welcomes travelers again. Photo: Kettle Plom Hawkstulan

At least queue at night

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Switzerland, especially from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

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– There is no queue now, but we expect traffic to increase throughout the day.

Meredith Beck, division head of the Joint Division for Foreigners and Administration in the Eastern Police District, said this Monday morning. He advises travelers to be well-prepared when traveling across borders and to travel outside during emergencies. Early in the morning, late at night and there is at least one queue at night.