December 4, 2021

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Everything I say now sounds false. But ask more.

Are you being attacked? Good. This is not just for swine, char and stegan.

According to UNICEF, worldwide vaccine resistance has increased by about 20 percent during Govt-19 infections. The Corona suspects who protested in front of Sporting on May 1 include Swine Austwick TV and Gary Jackson. Photo: Hagon Mosvold Larsen

I pick up the phone and look again. Announcements. I’m waiting.

This is my turn tonight. I want to get the sting in my hand, but it pierces my stomach. What to do if employees make a mistake? What if I get side effects? Late injuries? Am I disappointed?

Suspicion lurks, but is allowed to lie. Because I know that a gut feeling does not have access to countless research reports, statistics, experts who say it is wrong.

In of Wrong.

If you can seduce someone by denying the facts, can you save someone again? Injeborg Sennasette asks. Photo: Uptonboston

This is for those of you who used May 1 to signify anti-vaccine and anti-infective protection before starting. You stood behind the Holocaust deniers and the anti-Islamic organization.

You who raised the banner of freedom, even the freedom you want, came from the defense, not the attack.

For those of you who are a nurse like me, you need to know better. However, you are spreading lies that the death toll from the vaccine is now higher than the number of deaths from Govt-19.

You quietly send articles that “prove” that the corona virus is not particularly dangerous. What you call social critics is that you are against the authorities’ infection control measures, but do not criticize your own resources.

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You think Bent Hi is “an idiot” and you are “awake” – are you really saying that 95 percent of the population sleeps?

Regardless. Everything I say now seems like a lie to you. But ask more.

More like religion than direction

If one tries to understand the forces that cause false, misleading, and destructive “information” about vaccines, it is necessary to monitor other motion resistance and extremes as well. But there is a lot more.

Vaccine resistance is more or less similar in one direction, and more and more in one religion. Faith will move mountains, and as far as vaccinations are concerned, it is a threat.

But if you can seduce someone by denying the facts, can you save someone again?

Take a look at one of America’s worst vaccine opponents, who dressed up as measles on Halloween because childhood illness was the “least dangerous” thing she knew.

Photo: Heather Simpson’s Facebook page (left) and Instagram

The mother of a small child laughs at public photos as she receives her first dose of vaccine from spreading horror campaigns about the corona virus. The day before, her three-year-old daughter had received her first vaccination against polio.

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