January 17, 2022

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Emma Tallula Ben, Princess Martha Louise

Emma Tallula Ben follows in the footsteps of Princess Martha Louise. The daughter has now been selected for the Nordic Baltic Championships in show jumping in Finland.

09.06.21 20:26

09.06.21 20:59

Ben is one of five players representing Norway in the under-age classes at the championship.

Then comes the news On Thursday, June 3, the 12-year-old took first place in the national riding competition at Lear With a horse named Feducha.

– Princess Martha Lewis is very proud and congratulations to everyone who was taken out. “We look forward to representing Norway,” Martina Lewis’ manager, Karina Carlson, told NetVision.

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Princess Martha Lewis has been a show jumper for many years during her tenure and has established herself nationally.

After this achievement during the national riding competition in Lear, Heidi Scar, a longtime horse commentator at Discovery, gave exaggerations.

– This is one of the largest national conferences in Norway. He’s a regular pick, but it has to be one of the biggest things he’s ever done. 12 years, and you have won many riders who are very experienced in Norway, In Scar.

The Nordic Baltic Championships will be held in Ybajo, Finland from June 30 to July 4.

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