July 29, 2021

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“Elsa” hit New York by storm

For some exciting hours on Thursday afternoon, the New York Canal City looked like a dream version of Venice – or like the scene of a disaster movie.

Daytime should have been a dream, not least for tourists in the city.

The culprit was “Elsa”, a tropical storm that had already killed Florida by the time it hit New York. New York Times When a tree hits two cars.

Nightmare Scene: The streets of New York were like this on Thursday. Photo: NTP Scanfix / Stephen Smith / Reuters
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Although this had been announced for several days, it seemed that the world city was not prepared differently. Infrastructure is struggling.

– Bad decisions have been made for many years. Mayor candidate Eric Adams says this cannot be for New York, according to The Guardian.

Stuck in cars

Submerged cars and bicycles, people fleeing torrential rain, a woman with water under her arms struggling to reach the track at a metro station, a flooded street, people trapped in cars must be rescued with the help of police.

The Guardian He writes that Metro staff did not return to a kind of normalcy until Friday.

When the “Elsa” finally left New York, it headed northwest, heading towards the Boston area.

Escape from the rain: People fleeing from the rain at a subway station in New York's Chelsea district.  Photo: NDP Scanpix / Timothy A.  Clary / AFP
Escape from the rain: People leave the rain at a subway station in Chelsea County, New York. Photo: NDP Scanpix / Timothy A. Clary / AFP
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According to the New York Times, this is the fifth Atlantic hurricane to hit the 2021 hurricane season, and it had a magnitude of its own – giving the newspaper a link between these storms and climate change.

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