January 17, 2022

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Earthquake in Haiti: – Strong earthquake in Haiti

Haitian officials have confirmed the death after Saturday’s earthquake in western Haiti. A.P..

Reported earlier Saturday Haiti Civil Defense Office Twitter At At least 227 people. That number has now risen to 304 deaths.

Also, they write that hundreds of people were injured or missing.

– Now the most important thing is to save as many people as possible from the rubble. Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry says he understands that local hospitals, especially those in Les Cas, are overcrowded.

A strong earthquake shook Haiti in the Caribbean on Saturday afternoon, Norwegian time. USGS.

According to the USGS, many people may have lost their lives in the poor and impassable mountainous areas of the country. They estimate “high mortality rates”.

The quake, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, struck 12 kilometers (12 miles) from the city of Pettitre d’Ivoire. According to the USGS, the depth of the quake was about 10 kilometers.

The Prime Minister goes to the affected area, where a disaster center has already been set up. He says many have lost their lives and the devastation is immense.

– Authorities declare a state of emergency. We will act quickly, the Prime Minister writes Twitter.

Round: The map shows where the earthquake was recorded and the area at risk of tsunami.  The previous tsunami alert has now been revoked.  Photo: EPA / USGS
LAP: The map shows where the earthquake was recorded and the area at risk of a tsunami. The previous tsunami alert has now been revoked. Photo: EPA / USGS
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Extensive damage

According to CNN The quake, which measured 5.2 on the Richter scale, caused extensive damage.

The long-running quake could be felt across the country, and photos uploaded by local witnesses indicate that material damage has already been reported on the peninsula in southwestern Haiti.

Local media reports that many victims are trapped in the rubble of a hotel in Les Cas. Novelist. Witnesses say rescue teams are still struggling to find survivors.

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According to a witness who spoke to AB, she said she woke up when the bed shook.

– I woke up, no time to put on my shoes. We survived the 2010 earthquake and I was able to think about running. I later found out that my two children and my mom were still inside. My next door neighbor went back inside and told them to leave. We ran down the street, says Naomi Vernius, a local woman in Port-au-Prince, to the AP.

Tsunami forecast

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

The USGS tsunami alert was issued earlier. It has now been canceled.

In Port-au-Prince, many fled the streets for fear of houses collapsing when the quake struck at 8am.

Haiti has been struggling ever since The great earthquake eleven years ago Estimated 200,000 lives.

Leisure: Many buildings like this church in the city of Les Cayes in Haiti have collapsed in the earthquake.  Photo: AP Photo / Delot Jean / NTB
Development: Many buildings have collapsed in this church-like earthquake in the city of Les Cas in Haiti. Photo: AP Photo / Delot Jean / NTB
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Crisis after crisis

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and currently suffers from a continuing crisis including political crisis, food insecurity and corona epidemic.

By Monday or Tuesday, tropical storm Grace is expected locally. In addition, Catholic priest Freddie Eli said access to the quake-hit area was blocked by criminal gangs controlling roads.

– It is time to open the roads for those who come with help. People need the help of all of us, says Eli.

The quake struck a month later President Joanel Moses was assassinated.

This led to the country being in a political crisis, and humanitarian aid groups are now concerned that the quake could lead to further problems for the country, the AP says.

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“We are concerned that this earthquake is another crisis that the country is already facing – including the deteriorating political situation following the assassination attempt on the president, the Govt and the food security,” said Jean-Vickens Maron, a spokesman for World Vision Haiti.