October 23, 2021

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Donald Trump, USA | This Trump critique is very unusual and has never been made public:

Recent revelations in the new Donald Trump book.

New York (Newspaper): Wall Street Journal journalist Michael C. In Bender’s new book, “Obviously We Won This Election”: The Inner Story of How Donald Trump Lost Donald Trump The term of the president is until he loses the 2020 election.

Concerned about empathy

In the book, Politico has published some excerpts, The author also discusses how President Donald Trump experienced the death and video of George Floyd, who died after a police officer sat on his knees for nine minutes.

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After watching the video, it was never known before what immediate reaction Trump brought.

The author of the book also states that Trump was worried that he would lose contact with his supporters if he expressed too much remorse after the Floyd assassination.

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Trump: This is very bad

According to the authors, Donald Trump first knew of the shocking video when he was in the Air Force.

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He said about nude photos of Donald Trump – now he wants to tell everything to investigators

The author writes that when he saw the clip, Trump’s face must have been “completely distorted” and Trump must have appeared to be “expelled.”

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Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, national security adviser Robert O’Brien and Don Schavino, who was in charge of social media on white media, saw Trump on the plane and in the same room. House.

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Trump Inquiry: Don’t Take Me, Take Melania!

The author has been informed that Trump was never able to complete the record of the policeman who arrested George Floyd.

– This is very bad, and Trump is said to have said when he could not bear to look at the records.

Watch the video of the event here:

– I know these cops

Trump later called on both the judiciary and the FBI to investigate the incident. At the same time, Trump is said to have made comments about the police based on what he heard about the police when he was growing up in Queens, New York.

– I know these cops. They can be tough, Trump said.

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To some people who have heard these comments, Trump’s criticism of the police is completely new, reflecting an opinion that Trump has never publicly expressed. Insider writes, Which also refers to the new book.

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But despite Trump being stunned by this chapter, the author writes that the president did not realize that it was his role to show remorse in the Floyd case.

The book said Trump was “concerned that by showing it, he could indicate weakness to his core voters.”

– These third rings

But in the wake of Floyd’s death, Trump’s voice changed completely as he disbanded protesters in Minneapolis and other parts of the United States. The president was angry at what he saw, and he made it public.

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– THICKS Shame on the memory of George Floyd. When the robbery started, the shooting started, Trump wrote on Twitter after the protests.

Trump thought he would attend George Floyd’s funeral, but eventually decided not to. According to the author, Trump’s fallout position on the ethnic issue continues into the summer and the presidential election, where Trump eventually lost to Joe Biden.

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Biden received 87 percent of the black vote

An election day poll taken after the election showed it Joe Biden received 87 percent of the black vote, 65 percent of voters from Latin American backgrounds and 63 percent from Asian backgrounds.

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Meets the Wall: The Great Depression for Donald Trump

Former police officer Derek Suev was convicted in April this year of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May last year.

Prosecutors have asked for Suu Kyi to serve 30 years in prison, And the final sentence will take place on Friday, June 25 this week.

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