December 4, 2021

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Donald Trump, USA | Melania Trump’s ex-girlfriend:

– This may be the beginning of the end for all of them, says Melania Trump’s ex-friend

On Tuesday, the chairman of President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee, Thomas Barack, Arrested for plotting to undermine Emirates-backed foreign policy.

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Trump’s closest friend

Investor Barack The New York Times described Trump as a close friend and one of his most important fundraisers during the 2016 election campaign.

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Roger Stone, Trump’s political adviser, said, “He is the only person I know who is equal to the president.” New York Times i 2018.

The friendship between Barack and Trump dates back to the 80s.

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He said about nude photos of Donald Trump – now he wants to tell everything to investigators

– May be the beginning of the end

– Says this may be the beginning of the end for all of them Stephanie Winston Volkoff To Daily Mail.

Volkoff is a former adviser and close friend of Melania Trump, and says the entire Trump family is now in a legal danger zone as a result of the arrest and indictment.

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“Tom is very integrated into everything related to the Trump universe, which will significantly affect the entire Trump family,” he told the newspaper.

– This is great news, I need time to digest it, she continues.

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– Family to Donald Trump

Volkoff also served as a senior adviser to Thomas Barack when he was chairman of Trump’s inauguration committee. She also wrote the book Melania & M: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.

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Volkoff is said to have repeated all the confusion with the numbers he received at the inauguration ceremony, the Daily Mail writes.

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So, Ivanka Trump can return and betray her father Donald Trump

Three men were charged

Thomas Barak, 74, is one of three people charged in a federal court in New York with attempting to influence foreign policy without registering as a campaigner for the United Arab Emirates.

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This is said to have happened during the 2016 election campaign and after Trump became US president.

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Hillary Clinton says Trump’s statement is shocking

Independent mediator

Barack will not plead guilty, a spokesman said, adding that he is always available to investigators. Barack is due to appear in federal court in Southern California, where prosecutors will ask him to send a judge to New York.

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The Persian spokesman previously acted as an independent mediator between the leaders who landed in the Persian Gulf and the administration after Trump’s election campaign – not on behalf of foreign officials.

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Sneak-filmed CNN employee on Tinder: A shocking confession about Trump

Seven charges

The federal case and the FBI have been investigating Barack for nearly three years, and on Tuesday one of the other defendants, a 27-year-old former CEO of Barack, was also arrested. An American businessman with close ties to third party Emirates officials.

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Trump problem: Now they are hunting for a bodyguard

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The trio have been charged with seven counts, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice and the release of several false statements during an investigation with federal investigators in June 2019.

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“Defendants have repeatedly used Barack’s friendship and access to an elected president, senior officials, and the US media to select a candidate, in order to advance the political goals of a foreign government without revealing where a loyalty really is,” he said. State Attorney Mark Lesco said in a statement Tuesday.

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– Trump is now hellishly jealous

Warning to everyone

Prosecutors also say the defendants provided Emirati officials with important information about internal discussions within the Trump administration. Lesco describes the alleged betrayal of former President Trump and other officials.

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“Through this allegation, we warn everyone – regardless of their wealth or perceived political power – that the Ministry of Justice will enforce a ban on such unspecified foreign influence,” the prosecution said in a statement.

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The government is demanding that Barak be remanded in custody. They believe the risk of escape is the best, and point out that he should be well over $ 1 billion and that he can access private jets.

Barak is currently the last in a long line of lawsuits filed against Trump staff, including his former campaign manager, chief strategist, national security adviser, personal lawyer and longtime finance officer.