December 4, 2021

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Discharge Disaster Warnings – VG

A cargo ship carrying tons of chemicals is about to sink off the coast of Sri Lanka.


The ship has been on fire since May 20, by the Coast Guard in India and the Sri Lankan Navy He has been working hard for a few days to put out the flames.

Emissions from a cargo ship loaded with 25 tonnes of nitric acid, lye and other chemicals, with the exception of 28 containers containing microplastics, have already led authorities to call Sri Lanka the worst level of pollution.

Large quantities of microplastics, diesel and waste have already killed lives at sea and washed ashore.

The ship is also loaded with large quantities of oil, and MEPA, Sri Lanka’s naval defense agency, has warned that the sinking could cause catastrophic shipwrecks.

30 km of coastline from Negombo tourist destination to Djokovic, CNN writes.

On Wednesday morning, the ship began to sink, and authorities launched an operation to try to pull it further out to sea – off the coast.

However, the country’s Fisheries Minister Kanzana Wijesekera says they had to abandon the initiative. The ship is now in LaCombo Lagoon.

– Emergency procedures are implemented to protect the pond and surrounding areas, and to minimize damage from waste or oil spills. He told CNN.

Among other things, fishing is banned in the area. According to Guardian 5,600 local fishing boats have been affected by the incident.

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– Joshua Anthony, president of the Regional Association for Fishermen, tells the newspaper that we cannot go out to sea, that is, earn a living.

Photo: Sri Lankan Air Force Media Handout / Sri Lankan Air Force Media

The ship had a total of 1486 containers – 81 of which were called “hazardous waste”, according to shipping company X-Press Feeders.

The ship was on its way from Gujarat, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka when it caught fire on May 20. It was nine nautical miles off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Authorities in the country have launched a criminal investigation into how the fire started.