December 4, 2021

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Denmark opens: – Museum opens to 25,000 spectators

– This is a significant opening for the Danish community, said Health Minister Magnus Heunik after an agreement was reached in the Danish parliament at 4pm on Thursday night.

Among other things, it was decided that the majority of restrictions in Denmark would be history by September, with the goal that only nightlife would be subject to restrictions.

– We are in a favorable situation in Denmark, where there is reason to look forward to the summer with confidence. The development of the infection is at a steady level, while the Danish vaccine is continuing at a good pace, Justice Minister Nick Hakroob said in a statement.

The Minister of Health shares the belief.

– Infection is declining, 2.5 million people have received at least one vaccine bite, and good weather is to our advantage, he says.

This is the plan

  • The trumpet can be blown from Monday, June 14 – except for passengers standing on public transport.
  • Starting Friday, June 11, the opening hours for restaurants will be extended from 22 to 24 July, with the plan open from July 15 to 2 p.m.
  • For restaurants where guests are mainly seated, the remote requirement will also be eliminated from July 1st.
  • From July 1, up to 250 people can gather indoors.
  • From Monday, the exit from Corona Passport will begin where there is no risk of infection. This includes libraries and leisure and club activities.
Exit: In Denmark, there are plans to issue corona passports that must be removed at most locations by September 1st.  Tom Little / AFP / NDP
Exit: In Denmark, there are plans to issue corona passports that must be removed at most locations by September 1st. Tom Little / AFP / NDP
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  • From Monday, June 14, all students in elementary and low school can return to high school. However, students are recommended to test themselves twice a week. This also applies to dancers who want to return to the office.
  • From September 1, the requirement to issue a Corona passport will be completely eliminated in most places. However, there will still be a need to provide corona passes for outdoor events with more than 2,000 spectators, indoor events with parking spaces, and nightlife.
  • It is also open to 25,000 spectators at the Bargan Arena in Copenhagen for Denmark’s European Championships, where the first Saturday will already take place on Saturday, when Danes meet Finland. However, the Donsk Boltspil-Union says Danish TV2 They may not be ready to receive so many visitors in two days. The limit was initially set below 16,000.
  • From September 1, the plan is to be able to go to a nightclub without any other restrictions if you can offer a corona pass. Nightclubs have been closed since March 2020.
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(Source: PD, Extra Plated, NDP)


In Denmark, the Corona Passport, which will ensure the safe travel of Europeans this summer, has already been in use for a few weeks, while Norway will release its first Corona Passport on Friday.

Next week, NDP writes, in the 3rd phase of the reopening program, which will present how passports can be used domestically in Norway.

In Denmark, there is extensive use of the passport, which is obtained after vaccination, coronary heart disease or a negative test not exceeding 72 hours. Among other things, it should be provided for visiting restaurants, bars and amusement parks.

According to the NDP, Justice Minister Hakroob says that although the need to issue corona passports to some places where the risk of infection is low has been eliminated, it will be used more extensively.

In Denmark, it is also open to isolated travel for a few weeks to the country defined as the Yellow Country. There you have to focus on your own safety, and Releases Ten Day Isolation After returning.

Warning: Health Minister Bent Hai warns against sharing this on social media. Video: Government
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Norway could open further this week

Unlike Denmark, Norway has chosen to stay away from specific dates in its reopening plan. In this country, the main rule is that each step must be at least three weeks, the place for changes.

Next week, the government will assess whether it is fair for Norway to move to the 3rd tier National reopening program. Among other things, it is open to normal service hours and is considered to increase the limit on how many people can gather privately and in public. Gathering more people for events may also be appropriate.

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On Wednesday, 904 new cases of infection were reported in Denmark. 122 corona patients have been admitted to the hospital.

The agreement states that if the infection increases with anxiety, the health service becomes overburdened, or new and viral types of anxiety spread rapidly, and reopening phases may be postponed.

A press conference has been announced on Thursday at 12 noon on the plan to reopen Danish.