January 17, 2022

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Denmark Introduces New Corona Passport – NRK Urix – Overseas News and Documentaries

The mobile application is an updated version of the Danish Corona certificate.

Coronapass does not display any personal information when scanned. When you open the app, the infection controller will see only what the app owner has approved.

For privacy reasons, no name, infection or vaccine history is known.

Three Danish ministers today launched the new Corona app.

– Finance Minister Nikolai Waman says this applies within the EU as an official document that you have been tested negatively, vaccinated or infected because you are infected.

Danish Finance Minister Nikolai Woman

Finance Minister Nikolai Waman today unveiled the new Danish corona application.

Photo: Virginia Mayo / App

Dull reception

The app is available for download from Friday morning. Technological improvements are not big.

– The biggest difference between MinSundhed (old usage) is that Coronapass is not just an actual application and a document, otherwise it does not exist. IT and security expert Peter Cruise says there is no immediate technical difference Radio of Denmark.

Recent News on the Corona Situation in Denmark

Denmark introduced its first Corona passport on April 6th.

Denmark was one of the first European countries to introduce the Corona passport on April 6th. The original passport is a document or application that indicates whether you have been vaccinated, have previously been infected with corona, or have had a negative infection test in the last 72 hours.

This is how it works

Denmark is gradually opening up, with relief every week. With relief, the passport has provided access to new sections of the public.

Since April 6, certification has made it possible to use full-time services that have long been closed. These include hair salons, amusement parks and cultural establishments.

From April 21st Passport has made it possible to dine outdoors in restaurants, museums and libraries.

Opened May 6th For indoor dining. Cinemas, conferences, theaters and other cultural activities. Passport must also be shown when participating in indoor games for adults.

From May 21, the passport will apply to participate in other sports, leisure and club activities.

Since April 21, restaurants in Denmark have been able to stay open.

From April 21st, if Corona could show her passport, Danes would be able to have an outdoor beer.

Photo: BARSOE TEAM / Reuters

Travel abroad

The Danish Corona passport is suitably made EU requirements for vaccination certification. When the EU lifts travel restrictions in June, Danish use could also be used on the border. From July 1, vaccinated EU citizens will be able to travel freely between countries if they are able to present an approved document.

dansk coronapas

When the EU lifts travel restrictions in June, the Danish Coronapas could be used for overseas travel.

Photo: Sofia Baskievich

All dancers over the age of 15 must use their passport to meet others in public. Whether they go to the hairdresser, restaurant or football match. Those who are unable to take a coronary examination for medical reasons and those who are physically or mentally handicapped cannot take such a test.

Ethical embarrassments

The Danish parties signed an agreement in August to see how the coronary restrictions would end. For this to happen, all dancers who want it must be vaccinated.

It’s a little further away, This week, 42 ​​percent of dancers have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The Danish Protocol Council has noted the ethical dilemmas of the Corona passport. The Council believes that the passport provides the same opportunities for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals in which you will receive the same rights when you show a negative coronary test.

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