January 17, 2022

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Decreased infection rate: Itching of the head

For six days in a row, the UK has seen a decline in the number of corona infections, so many are now scratching their heads, he writes. Sky News.

There is speculation as to what is causing the decline in infection rates. Maybe it’s the end of the European Football Championship, the start of the school holidays, more vaccine coverage or less people testing themselves?

Many factors

Britain’s junior police minister Kid Malthouse has previously told Sky News that he believes the “interesting cocktail of effects” is the cause.

It seems to be a general principle in government that many factors contribute to the reduction of infection cases.

Mark Walford, a professor at the Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies (SAGE), agrees, “Everyone is scratching their heads a little at what the explanation is.”

Peter O’Brien, a professor on the advisory board New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (NERVTAG), says we should not be “overly excited” about the declining number of infections.

– It is exciting to see the rather encouraging statistics, but there have been some delays in reporting, and we are still waiting for complete data from the Office for National Statistics, says Openshaw BBC Radio 4.

– Fewer tests

According to Duncan Robertson, an expert on modeling and analysis of Govit-19, we need to look at the level of positivity (or the percentage of tests that give a positive), which is still “too high”, indicating that it is not enough. Tests.

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Among other things, Christopher Jewel, of the government’s Spy-M modeling team, has suggested a decline in the number of infections.

– People do not want to test themselves if they have booked a summer vacation, says Jewel The Times.

Opening: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad emphasizes that reopening the community depends on the fact that the vaccination program, as planned, does not increase the number of hospital admissions and the number of people affected by the population remains low.
See also

The epidemic has revealed some problems that are deeply rooted in the UK care system, but employees in the sector have been asking for more government support over the years, Sky News writes.

Last week, the government agreed that it still did not agree on how to resolve the Downing Street issue.

– Can be linked to the European Football Championship

The European Football Championship may have ended in tears for England, but experts said the gathering had a positive impact on corona infection.

The number of infections has dropped for six consecutive days, with 24,950 new cases and four deaths reported in the UK yesterday.

Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia told the Times that this could probably be linked to the European Football Championship 2020 – when crowds gather in pubs and stadiums to watch “The Three Lions”.

– Many may be terrified that I will say this, but in the end, the European Football Championship puts the rest of the summer under less stress. Because we have effectively vaccinated more and more young people, Hunter says they would not have wanted or would have been available for a vaccine.

– But I would like to emphasize that I will not propose it in advance as a control strategy, he concludes.

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Tell people to stay home

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is urging people to “stick to the plan” of isolating themselves.

The government has now refused to exempt fully vaccinated people from the obligation of self-isolation, despite the fact that the “Bling Demi” has led many to isolate themselves and many companies have been forced to close. They say August 16 is sticking to the scheduled date.

  • “Blingtemian” is a term used to describe the isolation of a country by its use of infectious surveillance.

– I know people are frustrated by “bling” and self loneliness, and I understand that better, especially now that we’re starting to see some better numbers, Johnson says.

– But I think everyone understands that this is still a very dangerous disease. We must use the tools we have, and self-protection is the tool we have. I encourage people to do it, he says.