October 23, 2021

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Deborah Birks – Book: Hope Trump Will Lose

New York (DocLadet): In the book “Preventable,” Slavit describes how he thinks federal officials under Trump failed to control the epidemic.

He also mentions his meeting with Birk in August last year, and writes that he signaled that he wanted Trump to lose the presidential election. CNN.

As is well known, Trump also lost the election against Biden in November.

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Pressed out

When the epidemic first broke out, Birks soon became a key and important adviser to Trump. He was given the role of corona coordinator at the White House. But when he met Slavit in August last year, he was pushed out of the inner circle and replaced by radiologist Scott Atlas, who had no professional experience with infectious diseases.

Atlas was hired after Trump found him on Fox News.

– If power had been transferred to a new administration that would have helped Fiden and his team to function effectively, Slavit would have continued to write in the book:

At one point, after a short pause, she looked me in the eye: “I hope the election will get a definite result.” I had the most important information I needed, CNN reports that Fiden Consultant writes in a book to be released on Tuesday.

During a conversation with Slavit, Birks reportedly said he was “completely deceived” and was not allowed to set up interviews with the national media.

– Very difficult

“Fighting the virus and Scott Atlas at the same time is the hardest thing I have to do,” Birks said.

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He came from his job as Trump’s Corona Coordinator, Global AIDS Coordinator for the United States. This is a job in parallel with ambassadors in the US State Department.

This is a job I got from then-President Barack Obama in 2014. Prior to that, he headed the AIDS Department at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Under Trump, this seemed like a very stressful role, including during the White House president’s daily press conferences last spring.

– Red

Among other things, he was harshly criticized for sitting in the room without protesting when Trump proposed injecting bleach as a treatment for corona.

In August last year, it was two months before Trump himself tested positive for Covit-19 and ended up in hospital. He held several large meetings at the White House, often blindfolded by both guests and staff.

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– His early hope was long gone. By the end of October 2020, she was everywhere. She was simply scared, Slavit writes.

Birks had indicated he was ready to work for Bitcoin as well, but in December, before Biden took over, he chose to retire.