January 17, 2022

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Cumo scandal: US expert on Chris Gumo:

New York’s Attorney General Lydia James on Tuesday presented the results of a detailed investigation by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s brother and host of the “Cuomo Prime Time” show on CNN made no mention of Tuesday’s broadcast report. He has been criticized for that.

Critics of Chris Cuomo and CNN include lawyer, journalist and commentator Glenn Greenwald. He released a record Twitter There he writes of other things: “CNN, from the beginning: Chris Cuomo can not objectively report cases against his brother, so he will avoid it, someone else will do so. It would be nice.”

The investigation concludes that Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed current and former employees in New York. However, the presentation of the report has brought the brother back to attention.

Brother in the light

The Attorney General’s Office – acting independently of the governor – has been investigating the case since March, with several former and current employees accused of harassing Andrew Cuomo. The results of the investigation are described in the 168-page report.

The governor has denied all allegations.

In this report Chris Cuomo highlights new details about his brother’s handling and response to corruption. Washington Post May Chris’ role in this case was revealed.

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According to NBC News In late February, Chris was reportedly in the governor’s inner circle when discussing the strategy regarding the allegations.

Political adviser Liz Smith wrote in a series of messages to other Cuomo allies in February: “I did not love that bit, but Chris / Andrew wanted it” and “Chris will make sure we have enough suffering.”

Among other things, Chris Cuomo received a series of emails from Governor Cuomo’s Director of Communications and Commander – in – Chief on how to handle allegations of sexual harassment by Andrew Cuomo’s aide Charlotte Bennett.

Storm: A storm has swept around Governor Andrew Cuomo after he was found to have sexually harassed former and current employees.  Photo: AP / NTB
Storm: It surrounded him after he learned that Governor Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed former and current employees. Photo: AP / NTB
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Following the allegations that came out earlier this year, he was also involved in writing a report and response for his brother.

I think it will trap him

American expert John Arilt Snow thinks Chris is having trouble acting as a mentor to his brother.

– Probably this counseling activity will trap him. The harassment case is now highly toxic and under great pressure. Andrew will probably retire from his role and then I think his brother will be in the next row. I think CNN will see less of him or terminate the employment contract, he adds:

– I think Chris should stay away from positive and negative reviews about his brother. As a journalist, you have to keep this at a distance. On TV, but also in editorials. Chris is a major face on CNN and should stay away from political interference.

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Important in dealing with

Relocation Buzzfeed News Many CNN employees are critical of the channel’s decision not to condemn Chris Cuomo’s involvement.

A CNN employee spoke anonymously to the news agency: “As journalists, I believe it is our responsibility to act as responsibly as possible.

“The fact that Chris Cuomo was not fired because of his irrelevant confrontation that seriously affected a news story is not only irresponsible to CNN, it is also an insult to the press,” the source said.

New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo has shed tears over allegations of sexual harassment. Video: A.P.
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Since the outbreak, Chris Cuomo has interviewed his brother Andrew Corona several times about dealing with the virus. In an interview, Chris told his brother: “I love you as my brother. Frankly, I would never be objective. But I think you are the best politician in this country.

– Completely incomprehensible

John Arilt Snow considers it completely incomprehensible that CNN allowed Chris Cuomo to cover up and interview his brother, and pointed out that he was primarily thinking about covering the corona infection.

– I think it’s very reprehensible that Chris is directly involved in Govt-19 coverage. On the other hand, he did not speak on Tuesday after the report was presented, and I am fine. This is a job that should be left to CNN’s other employees, Snowyen tells Doplatt.

However, in May, Chris went out and complained that he had consulted with his brother about the allegations. “Being a journalist and a politician’s brother is a challenge and I have a personal responsibility to balance these roles,” he said.

Neither Chris Cuomo nor CNN has commented since the report was released on Tuesday.

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