December 4, 2021

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Crown Princess Leonor of Spain: – Crown Princess surprised by confirmation

In the line of many heirs to the throne in Europe, One finds the Crown Princess Leoner (15) of Spain. Two-year-old sister, Sofia (14), is second in the next row. Leonor has been involved in government service on several occasions with his parents, King Felipe (53) and Queen Leticia (48).

However, in March, like a princess for the first time, a king or queen is not in sight Refers only to the Spanish royal house In an official mission. Leonor attended the 30th anniversary celebrations of Cervantes, a cultural center in Madrid.

This is one of the many ways in which the heir to the throne – Europe’s youngest – can prepare for a life full of royal duties.

Leonor lives more adult lives than most 15-year-olds, and on Friday he took another big step in the line of adults. Then the crown was confirmed to the princess.

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The hairstyle was shown

Crown Princess Leonor was confirmed in Madrid on Friday 28 May. It was an avocado confirmer, shown with family outside the church.

Leonor wore a beautiful royal blue dress and brown pumps. On top of her mouth, like everyone else in those days, she wore a matching mask. Little sister Sophia had chosen a summer floral dress for the occasion.

SISTERS: Leoner and Sofia shone in beautiful dresses on the day of the former confirmation.  Photo: Michael Murdoch / Splash News / NDP
SISTERS: On the day of the former confirmation, Leoner and Sofia shone in beautiful dresses. Photo: Michael Murdoch / Splash News / NDP
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Confirmation Day was a big day for the main character, and the Crown Princess got the chance to show off her new hairstyle. He was previously seen with his long, golden brown hair. Now, however, she dropped her long eyelids.

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Long curls: Before she let go of her curls, Leonor had long hair.  Photo: Shutterstock / NDP
Long loads: Before she let go of her curls, Leonor had long hair. Photo: Shutterstock / NDP
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The 15-year-old first unveiled the new weld during Cervantes’ 30th anniversary. The short look now seems to stay here.

Moving from Spain

There is no doubt that the young heir to the throne is popular among the people – the rest of the royal family appears and make headlines with various scandals.

In Spain on National Day 2019 Many turned to the young crown princess, Does not seem to be reluctant or ashamed to meet the people of Spain in public.

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Leonor is usually seen with a wide smile on his face, something that Britain will experience in the future. In the fall, the 15-year-old will set the course for Wales.

The Spanish royal family was able to reveal this in a press release earlier this year.

He is scheduled to leave in August, and plans to complete the last part of his international career at UWC Atlantic College in Wales.

The Crown Princess will stay in Wales for two years. School stay is paid for by the royal family’s Apanasje.

Leonor is known to be The youngest crown princess of Europe, For the simple reason that his father initially seized the throne, Filipe’s father, skandaleombruste kong Juan Carlos (83), Abandoned abruptly in 2014.

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