December 4, 2021

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Crown and Peru: – – West and green

– We are suffering. There are five, six, seven masses of the dead every day. It’s about sickness and death, Catholic priest Altamirano Guevara frustrated Reuters.

The small town of 40,000 people is in crisis. The city was hit by the worst corona eruption of all time, the news agency Reuters reported. They write that this city, along with a few other cities far away from the big cities, is on the nation’s extreme alert.

– The hospital has collapsed. This is the worst moment. Daniel Itroko, general secretary of the local hospital, told Reuters many had died.

50 Affected: Monday afternoon at Bruntby and F.C. On Saturday, 50 people were confirmed to have corona infection. Video: PD / Ritzow
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– Own flesh and blood

The city is located in the Peruvian landscape and has bad connections. The nearest intensive care unit of the hospital is a three-hour drive away.

According to Reuters, relatives of the sick are standing outside the local hospital praying for better care of their loved ones. The chances of getting oxygen help should be small and there should be no intensive care units.

– I have experienced this with my own flesh and blood since my sister died of corona. Many colleagues and neighbors have passed away, Betta’s combo Ochoa explains to Reuters, who works at Chota’s small, local hospital.

Died without treatment

The crisis could not be handled by a failed health care system. Unable to reduce the epidemic, the country has so far introduced curfew orders.

The death toll in the city is not yet clear.

Many patients are said to have died without treatment, and the number of deaths from Govt-19 is low.

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“Most economies have been able to record corona deaths because they have good access to experiments,” archaeologist Madeiro Prochaska told Reuters, who was part of the country’s assessment of corona management.

It is estimated that 1 in 200 adults dies due to Govt-19. The reason is the crowded health care system, and poor access to breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks. The shortage has led to high prices and has plunged many families into debt.

Corona: Shortly before his death by Corona, Rahul Vohra recorded his latest video from a hospital bed. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: ijyotitiwari / Instagram
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In the Cajamarca region, where Chota is located, despite a population of over one million, there are only three hospitals with intensive care units. That’s according to local health officials.

– Doctors say we need a respirator, but nothing is available in Chota, which is worrying. We have no solution, the mother of Enrique Peralta Linares, who was admitted to Chota Hospital with Corona, is frustrated by Reuters.

Worst of all

While epidemics are declining in many European countries, Peru is experiencing waves of epidemics throughout, not just in South America.

Uruguay and Paraguay are currently at the top of the personal death statistics. Argentina has 80,000 deaths, fighting the new wave, Brazil is approaching 470,000 deaths, while the epidemic is spreading rapidly in Bolivia and Colombia.

But Peru tops the list of individual deaths, the country with the highest number of deaths during the Corona period compared to previous periods.

Worse than both Brazil and India, which have been hit hard by the epidemic.

Brazil’s health care system has been on its knees for a long time, with President Jair Bolsanaro often blamed, After refusing to close the country.

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