January 22, 2022

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Country “the guiding star of democracy” in Africa. Now the president is stopping the military before the election.

Some observers expect Zambia’s election to be fair. Many people are afraid of what will happen next.

Thursday’s election will be a test of how strong the country’s democracy is. Here, supporters of the president are campaigning.

In the run-up to Thursday’s election, President Edgar Lungu arrested political opponents and shut down the opposition media. Lungu has deployed troops to maintain order. The direct reason is that his two party colleagues were killed by political opponents. Many provinces report a lot of violence during election campaign events.

The U.S. embassy in Lusaka has announced that they will be following closely. Says David Young at the embassy Zambia reports The United States is ready to impose financial sanctions on individuals.

Zambia is on the brink of a “human rights crisis”, according to Human Rights Watch. Finished a month ago Amnesty International Immediately.

A “Textbook on Election Fraud”

Following the election, many media outlets closely believe that this year’s election is the most important since 1991. Then Kenneth Counta had to relinquish power after ruling the country since 1964.

Since then, Zambia’s democracy has fared better than many of its neighbors. Presidents have lost elections and handed over power to the winner. Now there is a growing fear that Lungu is misleading the country.

Many researchers hope that this year’s election will show whether democracy is still functioning, or whether democracy has faltered under Lungu’s leadership.

Magazine Economist The ruling party writes that it “must have read a textbook on election fraud.” Leading opposition candidate Hakayinde Hislema was barred from holding events during the election campaign. Government interpretation is the concept of infection control. The same rules do not apply to the president.

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Edgar Lungu became president in 2015 and is now running for re-election.
Hakinde Hislema lost to Lungu in 2015, after which he was charged with treason and imprisoned.

Deep economic crisis

Hakainde Hicilema has a background as a business manager. He says this knowledge is absolutely necessary for the country in the years to come. Zambia is facing a deep economic crisis.

Zambia’s foreign debt has risen sharply in recent years to $ 12 billion. It accounts for 120 per cent of the country‚Äôs national product.

Last year, the country did not repay $ 3 billion in debt. According to Reuters About 30 to 40 percent of federal revenue is used to pay off debt.

Lungu has long been vocal against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) demanding economic reforms in the country. Without an agreement with the IMF, it would be difficult to serve the Zambia loan.

Despite the growing problem of corruption, many people have benefited from borrowed money. During the election campaign, Lungu is constantly reminded of all the new roads, health centers and airports. News agency Bloomberg He writes that this “success story” could be the president’s biggest problem in the election.

Young zombies in particular are experiencing that government debt will become a huge burden they have to bear. 25 per cent inflation has been caused by mismanagement. At the same time, the value of the currency is declining. Last year, national production fell for the first time since 1998.

At the same time, the country is the second largest copper exporter in Africa. About 70 per cent of export earnings come from mines. According to Bloomberg, many international mining companies are reluctant to invest in Zambia. They fear Lungu’s unstable policies.

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Hislema claims to understand his business background issues. He will negotiate a new agreement with the IMF and pursue a more business-friendly policy.