June 20, 2021

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Cos hopes to get his salary back

TV2 claims to have Johann Olav Kose He received a salary of four million kroner From the humanitarian organization after he resigned as chief of staff in August 2015.

Goss gradually retired to a part-time position and began a new career in finance. He still received full executive pay from Right to Play.

– This is utterly pathetic, in other contexts we call it corruption. Christian Typing-Gazette (Frp) says he is forgiven because it is a noble cause and Goss is a national player.

Typring-JJ believes that Cass should take responsibility and return the money to the trust.

– He must have an uncomfortable taste in the mouth, I think he should pay back the money. It turns out that he started working elsewhere. If one more person had done this, there would have been shouts and demands for a refund, the politician says.

He points out that the right to play has an important purpose and to help children in poor and war-torn countries through sports and play.

– Typring-Gazette says I am not cynical, but really concerned that money should benefit those in need, and he emphasizes that children and young people have a positive view of what the foundation does.

Commenting on Typhering-Gazette’s statements, Johann Olov Goss responds:

– None of the Norwegian development assistance funds were used to cover the salary I received when I was a permanent employee at Wright to Play International in Canada.

Challenged the Minister

During Question Hour on Wednesday, Tyrring-Jazz asked a number of questions to Assistant Minister of Development Doc-Ing Ulstein, citing a million-dollar salary after resigning as chairman.

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The FRP politician wanted an answer as to whether Ulstein had control over how much aid agencies spend on salaries and travel, and how much it goes to implement the order of the organizations.

– We have received confirmation that none of the Norwegian support goes to Koz’s higher initial pension. The Minister of Development Assistance replied that Norad actually estimates the administrative salary in relation to the application process and that most of the Norwegian aid recipients have a moderate salary.

To be answered: Questions were asked to Doc-ing Ulstein during Storting’s question time. Photo: Derje Pentixby

Typring-JJ was not happy with the response he received.

– What role does it play if the money to pay for the cos comes from the left or right trouser pocket? Norway is the only big pot that carries money. Goss gets four million, which he really shouldn’t have received, and that money comes from the big tank, says FrP’s parliamentary representative.

Norad did not conduct his own investigations

Norway has donated more than $ 500 million to Wright to Play from the Development Assistance Budget, while TV2 reviewed grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NORAD programs.

Following the resignation of the CEO, TV2 asked Norad if he could be 100 percent sure that Norway’s development aid funds would pay Johann Olav Kos.

– Right to Play has confirmed that Norat’s contribution during this period did not go to Koz’s salary, the department’s director said in an email to Wench Phone TV2.

Norad has not conducted its own investigations beyond this, and Wright to Play further states that it is their responsibility to verify the accounts and reports for specific projects that receive support.

– We have a good view of the distribution to a country for Norat’s grants. What we are responsible for is the Norod and Norwegian Development Assistance Fund, not all that RTP does, the phone writes.

Unspecified labor costs

Most of Norway’s development aid funds donated to Wright to Play Norway are sent to Canada, where the head office, Wright to Play International is located.

This is the head office that paid Kos a million salaries after he resigned as chief executive in August 2015.

Multiple Supporters: In addition to cash from private donors, Right to Play has received more than half a billion support from Norwegian authorities.

Multiple Supporters: In addition to money from private donors, Right to Play has received more than half a billion support from Norwegian authorities. Photo: Frederick Warfzel

During the years 2016-2019, NORAD contributed more than NOK 2 million annually to administrative costs, which were split between Wright to Play’s head office and the Norwegian office.

A portion of these costs goes to salaries at the head office, which accounts for various projects show.

However, it is not specified what these wage costs are.

– RDP Norway’s accounts show how Norat’s grants have been used. Wench Phone writes that it is true that the salary at the head office was not broken into Norat’s accounts, so we are based on RtP’s report that Norat’s funds were not used to pay the course after 2016.

Head Office: Norwegian Development Assistance money goes to salaries at Wright to Play's head office in Canada.

Head Office: Norwegian Development Assistance money goes to salaries at Wright to Play’s head office in Canada. Photo: Cole Burston

Norad uses the administrative grant to pursue it at the head office and the Norwegian office of the Trust in a fair and compliant manner.

– Norat’s assessment is that we do not pay more for an administrative grant than we do for managing a grant, as the administrative grant is less than what it costs to manage a grant. So, we do not need a detailed account of this, but we check that the consolidated accounts are without comments from the auditor, writes Phone.

Wage level limits

Christian Typring-Gazette believes there is weak control over how development aid money is used.

– If you spend $ 40 billion on development assistance, you get a lot of money out of the system, and many of those who have an optional interest in this money are constantly being offered through storting.

Answers: Christian Typing-JJ (FrP) considers it unreasonable to receive a million salary after stepping down as head of Goose Right to Play.

Answers: Christian Typing-JJ (FrP) considers it unreasonable to receive a million salary after stepping down as head of Goose Right to Play. Photo: Hagon Mosvold Larsen

During question time on Wednesday, the FRP politician challenged the Minister of Development to set a limit on how much salary leaders can take in aid organizations.

– What does the Minister think about the high salaries of managers in the development assistance sector and will he set limits on the executive salary in the industry? Typing-Jazet asked.

– There are almost annual reviews. Minister of Development Assistance Doc-Ing Ulstein responded that it would be as if personal cases would arise as they are now, and then it was confirmed that no aid funds went to it.

He assured Typing-Gazette that Norad would investigate personal cases in more detail and follow them closely.

– The Minister of Development Assistance did not respond as to whether the countries had ambitions to manage themselves. Humanitarian organizations are getting more and more money every year, which has become a big business.

– What is the alternative?

– The FRP will set specific performance goals to bring about further growth so that recipients can ultimately govern themselves independently of development assistance.

TV2 would like to emphasize that in this case we never used the word “split pay”. The truth is, Cass resigned from the CEO as a founder. He himself called this a part-time job. Despite this, he was promoted to the rank of Right to Play.

TV2 has on several occasions asked Goss and Right to Play to look at Goss’s employment contract in the years after 2015. They do not want TV2 to provide insight into this.