October 23, 2021

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Corona virus, vaccine | Possible case of a rare blood clot after Johnson vaccination in Denmark

The Danish pharmaceutical company has received the first report of possible severe blood clots under the optional program with the Johnson vaccine.

Writes that it should be about the WHITE condition characterized by blood clots, bleeding and low platelet count D.R..

– After the urgent processing of the documents, the Board’s assessment says that this is probably the question of the VIDT, says Line Mitchen, manager of the Pharmaceutical Awareness Division at the Norwegian Pharmaceuticals Agency.

According to DR, the case is against a 29-year-old Danish woman who was found.

This is the first case of such a disease associated with the Jansen vaccine in Denmark.

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More than 40,000 people have received the Johnson vaccine in Denmark. The vaccine is being developed by the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson.

In Norway, the Jansen vaccine was removed from the Norwegian vaccine program following reports of serious side effects, but like Denmark, it is also open in this country to provide for volunteers when strict health criteria are met.

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