October 23, 2021

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Corona: – Strong improvement in epidemics in the UK

There are now 22,868 new Govt-19 infections in the UK, with three new deaths in the last 24 hours. It suggests Sky News.

The number of days reported with 14,876 infections and eleven deaths is significantly higher than the previous day.

In the UK, 44,454,511 people have now received the first vaccine, and 32,583,746 have been fully vaccinated.

Boris Johnson said England should not have been locked out on Monday and should return to normalcy as much as possible. The reopening date is now set for July 19.

The date was set after the Prime Minister postponed the reopening for four weeks due to rising infections caused by the delta variation.

Health Minister: The new Health Minister of the United Kingdom Sajid Javed today released an update on the corona situation.  Photo: AFP / PRU / NTB.
Minister of Health: The new UK Health Minister Sajid Javed arrived today with an update on the corona situation. Photo: AFP / PRU / NTB.
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Restrictions will be relaxed in the UK on July 19. This has now been confirmed by the new Health Minister Sajid Javed.

Delta: According to the Assistant Director of Health, we now know more about the so-called delta variant.
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– We also know that people and companies need protection, so we want every step to be irreversible. This is very clear. “Restrictions on our freedom must end,” the health minister told a news conference today Sky News.

Many speculations arose as to whether the authorities could open the country before July 5, but this has now been denied.

– Anyway, none of the dates we set will come without the risk of corona. We know we can not get rid of it, so we have to learn to live with it, says Javid.

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