January 17, 2022

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Corona on Mount Everest: – Fear of infection

The epidemic put an end to last year’s Mount Everest season, but this year Nepal has welcomed re-climbers, which poses challenges. In early May, it is the Himalayan peak season, At least 17 people tested positive for the corona virus At the base camp on the highest mountain in the world.

– You can hear people coughing everywhere, but it’s not just regular cough climbers who come here. “You understand that people have pain and they have other symptoms such as fever and body aches,” said Lucas Furtenbach, president of Furnenbach Adventures. BBC When cases of infection are known.

The dramatic state of the mountain led China to take drastic action to share the mountain with Nepal.

Height measurement: China and Nepal have long argued over the height of Mount Everest. Now the two have measured the mountain again. This is what The Guardian writes. Photo: NTP Scanfix
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Cancels all trips

Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, is located on the border between Nepal and China, so climbers can climb the 8,849-meter-high mountain from both countries.

Introduced to prevent the import and spread of the corona virus, only Chinese people are allowed to climb from the Chinese side of the mountain during epidemics. When the base camp in Nepal became infected, Chinese authorities decided to further increase infection control, so they set up barriers to keep climbers isolated.

Now all trips scheduled for spring have been canceled.

Chinese news agency Xinhua quoted China’s sports administration as suspending business on Saturday with permission to organize climbing operations from the mountainous Tibetan region. CNN.

The decision was based on fears of an import contagion from climbers from the Nepalese side.

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“Climbing the mountain with increasing infections is endangering the lives of our 20 clients, four mountain guides and 27 Sherpas will be careless and irresponsible,” Fordenbach said in a statement to the newspaper.

– No risk of infection

Nepal is currently severely affected by the virus, with about 20 percent of the country’s total corona cases reported in the last ten days. Rudra Singh Damang, head of the country’s tourism ministry, has said that Nepal will not stop traveling to Everest, despite high epidemic pressure and high pressure on health care.

Trips will not be canceled. Everest is an isolated area, so there is no risk of corona infection, Tamang said. The New York Times writes.

Nepal is enjoying a record-breaking climb, with China imposing tough measures and banning foreigners from climbing the world’s highest mountains. This year, they have issued 408 permits to climb the mountain. The New York Times reports that this is a very high number and provides millions in revenue.

Lack of test capability

There has long been the option to place testing opportunities at a base camp on Mount Everest, but this is not possible.

– We have requested a checkpoint, but the authorities have said that they will not allow us to set it up. According to the doctor Prakash Karel.

Many travel groups used the tests they brought, but the infection still attracts tourists.

Above: Frank Luke (41) has reached the summit of Mount Everest. Video: ptpemba_sherpa
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Norwegian epidemic on Mount Everest

Many Norwegians have recently attempted to climb the world’s highest mountain. Erland Ness, a Norwegian climber from Trondheim, defied travel advice for his dream of climbing Everest, but On the way to the base camp was infected with the corona virus I am from Nepal.

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– 10 years after climbing the highest mountains in the world, without much illness, without even a headache, on the way to Everest Base Camp I became very ill. Three days after the medication and oxygen supply, I was flown to Kathmandu by helicopter today and now I am in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia, he wrote on his Facebook page.

Former handball player However, Frank Luke came in first Earlier this week.

Mount Everest 8849. What a trip. It only took me 22 days from landing at Lukla, the world’s most dangerous airport, to climb Mount Everest on May 11 – this is a beginner folks, ”he wrote on Instagram after the climb.