January 17, 2022

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Corona in Vietnam: – Can be a disaster

Vietnam has been repeatedly praised for its handling of the corona epidemic. For most of the past year, we have been able to control the spread of the disease through intensive infection control measures.

After a long time without any positive test results, the virus grew vigorously again. In late May, a new, more contagious virus variant was discovered, and Vietnam is now facing the biggest outbreak since the epidemic hit the country.

This has caused great concern to the country’s authorities, who are now asking citizens for help in controlling the situation.

Starts people for help

At the end of May, Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Tan Long said A cross between Indian and British virus strains was discovered in the country.

The new variant must be highly contagious, especially through the air, which has caused a new wave of infection in the country. In total, 7,781 infections have been reported in Vietnam since the outbreak, more than 4,500 of which were reported last month.

Officials have now sent out mass text messages to the public asking for financial contributions to a special fund of nine billion Norwegian kroner to cover up the country’s vaccination program. Sky News.

“Vietnam is trying to access more corona vaccines so people can be vaccinated faster,” Long said in a statement.

Expert: – Doubts about people donating

Vietnam, with a population of nearly 100 million, has so far received only 2.9 million vaccines. Stein Dunnsen, an Asian researcher at the Peace Research Institute (PRIO), said the reason Vietnam received so few vaccines was because the country could not afford much.

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Now officials want cash donations from the public so they can enter into more vaccine deals. But Dunson suspects that the Vietnamese will contribute voluntarily.

– Vietnam has great economic imbalances. Many wealthy Vietnamese can offer large sums, but the majority do not. In addition, people do not believe that the authorities are using any donations for the right purpose, he tells Docladet.

The Asian researcher hopes that Vietnamese officials will benefit more from returning to more prosperous countries to donate vaccines.

– But aid from other countries may also be a challenge as Vietnam is not considered “poor enough”.

Expert: Stein Dunneson is an Asian researcher in the field of Peace Research (PRIO).  Photo: Eric Watts
ESKPERT: Stein Dunson is an Asian researcher in the field of Peace Research (PRIO). Photo: Eric Watts
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– Disaster

Vietnam’s health system is not adequate to treat a large number of corona patients.

– If Vietnam does not control this explosion it will be catastrophic. Small vaccine protection and an underdeveloped health system can lead to a very difficult situation, Dunnason says.

He continues:

– But there are good conditions in Vietnam to prevent the spread of infection. It is a well-organized, dictatorial government with experience of previous epidemics, and it may impose strict restrictions on the people.

New, drastic measures

As a result of the growing trend of the epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City, the most populous city in Vietnam, entered a two-week social distance. This is the first time the city has introduced such remote controls since April 2020. According to the online newspaper VnExpress.

It is now prohibited to claim more than ten people outside of workplaces or hospitals. At the same time, the two-meter distance requirement must be enforced.

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Ho Chi Minh is preparing to test all of its 13 million people in the Corona, and plans to massively test 100,000 people each day, VnExpress writes.

The new measures are the result of the discovery of 100 new infections with an unknown source of infection.