January 17, 2022

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Corona in India – here it is wrong

India has been around for a long time In the tsunami of corona infection. The country’s second wave peaked in early May, and its path is down, according to statistics. Nevertheless, there are plenty of infections every day.

On Saturday, more than 165,000 new infections were recorded, up from nearly 174,000 the day before.

Large religious gatherings, the reopening of public spaces and political rallies were quickly pointed out as the reason for the outbreak in April. In particular, a religious congregation is indicated; Kumbh Mela.

Ashish Jah, rector of the Brown University School of Public Health, said Kumbh Mela was “the most widespread event in the history of epidemics.” Defender.

Earlier in May it was also branded BBC The festival was a super-spreader event, with participants referring to reports that tested positive after returning home.

Epidemiologist Lilith Kant tells the British broadcaster that large groups without masks singing near the river created an ideal environment for the virus to spread quickly.

– has brought us a catastrophe

The Guardian writes that millions of Hindu pilgrims traveled to swim in the Ganges, and many returned home with corona infection.

One of them is Gopal Singh from Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh. He traveled with about 100 people from the surrounding villages. Collected in two buses they traveled down to the festival.

While there, he saw people getting sick, and on the way home many of his fellow passengers complained of fever and diarrhea. When he returned he insisted on a coronation test, and four days later it returned positive.

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– After they returned from the gang, the number of cases increased to more than 30 in a few days, says Raghu Raj Tanki, head of Singh village.

Singh’s next-door neighbor, the couple’s mother, eventually developed a fever. He was initially treated by a local doctor, but was admitted to the intensive care unit when his oxygen level was too low.

She is dead and Singh says he has a very bad conscience.

– Our stubbornness and superstition have caused us a catastrophe.

He says he feels weak, but the intentions of anyone affected by “people like him” are bad.

Another example is the small town of Kiaraspur, where 60 of the 83 people who traveled to the festival tested positive when they returned home. It writes Washington Post, Which refers to Abbas Jedi, a physician and local official.

Number: Thousands of women gathered for a religious ceremony in India, one of the worst-hit countries by the corona. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: Newsflare / Ab
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Infection rates in the air

The festival of believers bathing in the Ganges takes place at four places; In Allahabad, Nashik, Ujjain and Haridwar. In Haridwar, tens of thousands of people have gathered this year, and more than 2,600 victims have been registered, the BBC reports.

The festival was less than usual this year, but local officials said it was difficult to keep people away.

On April 12, the first day of the festival, more than three million people bathed in the Ganges. When 168,000 new infections were recorded, it was the day India passed Brazil.

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National infection rates reached new heights in the coming weeks.

In Uttarakhand, the state where the festival was held, one can also see an increase in the infection rate. In early April, 500 new cases were reported each day. By the end of the month, it has risen to nearly 6,000 in the air, he writes Washington Post.